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How can mink cicadas fight passively? How can mink cicadas fight passively? How to move the inscript

5 mink and cicada inscriptions

Inscription recommendation

Times; 10

Blue cycle & times; 10

Green Compassion & times; 10

Total attribute: spell attack + 77, spell blood absorption + 10%, cooldown + 10%.

This set of inscriptions can provide 10 cooling reduction and sorcery. These two are the key points. Without these two supports, the blood of mink cicada can not be recovered. So we only need 30 cooling reduction!

It can be said that the inscriptions of mink cicada are relatively fixed. The two sets of inscriptions at level 4 and 5 maximize the output. The cooling reduction is added to the inscriptions at level 4, which can be considered when the line pressure is not large. Sorcery is a must, which is the core attribute of mink cicada.