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S15 new season 11 heroes adjust King glory strongest mage Angela minus 2 seconds CD

11 heroes adjust

Marco Polo increases: passive real damage doubles.

Gongsunli increased: 2 skill damage increased.

Genghis Khan increased: the overall damage was reduced, the number of traps became more, the hunting acceleration effect was more frequent, and the survival ability was greatly improved.

Di Renjie weakened: 1 skill blue card decelerating effect reduced, a new free skin will be online soon.

Chess star enhancement: the skill damage mechanism is adjusted. The farther the distance between black and white chess is, the higher the explosion damage after collision. And the big move chessboard causes 0.5 second vertigo per second.

Angela increased: 2 skill CD reduced by 2 seconds.

Zhugeliang increased: 1 / 3 skill damage increased.

Shen Mengxi increased: 1 skill damage reduced, blue bar changed to energy bar, 5 seconds to restore a grid of energy, release 1 / 2 skill to consume a grid of energy, big move without consumption.

Lv Bu weakened: 2 skill shield reduced slightly.

Yang Jian increased: 1. Reduce 2 seconds of Cd in the early stage of skill, 2. Reduce 2 seconds of Cd in the later stage of skill.

Shield mountain reduction: 1 skill CD increased by 1 second, and shield lifting time reduced by half. Increase effect: repair the defense tower, and return blood for yourself at the same time.

Two sets of equipment adjustment

Auxiliary wear weakening: the whole team only has one contribution effect, that is, the lowest economic player gains the contribution effect, which means that the pig breeding flow is completely reduced.

Weakening of broadsword: only melee heroes can gain extra damage to the monsters, which means that the long-range shooter will quit the arena. Secondly, the official has changed Liu Bei and Sima Yi into melee heroes.

The next new version has been named "all things have spirits". From the version name, we know that the new version has nothing to do with machao, but has something to do with the ghost valley of all things. So the next hero should be Yao, and the new hero Yao is Guiguzi's Apprentice.