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Hearthstone legend arena card list these cards are what you need to take

It's said that the new version of the arena has changed greatly. Here we summarize some strong cards and give some ideas to our little friends. At the same time, we can learn from the new ones.

Dr. Bang Bang can be said to be the former divine card. Basically, all the card groups will bring it. It's no exception in the arena. It's necessary to see it. He has a good figure. There are two 11. He can not only stand in the arena, but also cause some damage to the dead words. The effect is self-evident.

Ghost crawler is also a high-intensity card. The figure of 2-fee-12 can also call 2-11, which is equivalent to the figure of 234, and it is also a beast attribute. There are many cooperation in the hunter Druid card group, which is the God card for earlier rhythm grabbing.

Crazy scientists are mystery related cards. They can draw one mystery card and then hit it, which saves a lot of costs. The intensity is relatively high. They are especially popular in Hunter and wizard card groups. Two or more mystery card groups make a lot of money with them.

There are many machines in the goblin bag, most of which are cost-effective. The mechanical leapfrogger can make these machines fight out at a lower cost, so it's easier to win the rhythm. Its body is also a certain station guarantee in the early stage.

The harvester used to be one of the cards that all the card groups would bring. It lost 1 fee's figure, but it would give 2 fee's followers. Most of the time, it would make more money. Even if it lost the end of the day, it would also play a role in clearing the market, and its own turn would not lose. Of course, Dayou won't let it go.

The harvester is very strong, and the flying demons of a higher level are also very strong. If you summon a 6-fee demons to summon a 4-fee harvester, and then summon a 2-fee dead language, the opponent will really collapse. Do you remember these cards?