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The essential Shishen for the breakthrough of the Yin Yang school makes it easier for you to get tic

Taoist breakthrough is done every day, and the harder the challenge, the better the reward will be. Then I'd like to recommend several necessary Shishen for Taoist breakthrough, which will make your Taoist breakthrough easier.

No1. Rain girl

Rain girl is a typical auxiliary type of God, and there is no damage to skills, but it is such a harmless type of God. With one hand dispelling and slowing down, it has become the only choice for Daoist school to break through. I believe that everyone has experienced what is called uncontrollable rain woman and the rain fire flow that you can't move. As a Shishen that can dispel the benefit reducing effect, it is very restrained from archery and ridicule of terracotta warriors. Yuhun recommendation: zhaocaimao / huihunxiang: 2 speeds 4 resists 6 lives. The purpose of resistance here is to ensure that your passivity will not be blocked. If the passivity of rain girl is blocked, you are equivalent to 6v5.

NO2. Rihefang

Rihefang is a T1 level nanny from the beginning. It can be said that many players have played psychological shadow by her. A special mechanism of returning blood and a unique mechanism of randomly reviving a teammate make rihefang very popular. If you see that there is no such Shishen as Prajna, Assassin's pill and Yama in the opposite lineup, you can take rihefang with you. Can milk can revive, is really powerful! Recommended by yuhun: Jingji / dungeon: 2 speed, 4 health and 6 violence. The milk of rihefang is critical. As long as the critical damage is high, the milk of rihefang will be higher and higher.

No3. Prajna

Prajna's skill mechanism is very special. As one of the few Shishen that can seal the enemy's soul and passive effect, Prajna is definitely more stable than other seals. Therefore, Prajna is also a good choice for Taoist school to break through, because Prajna's existence can help you to restrain the lineup of rihefang, the other side flower and the one eyed monk. These Shi gods, who rely entirely on passive power supply, really have no power to fight back in front of Prajna. Recommended by regaining souls: monsters' box / dungeon: 2-speed-4 effect hits 6 life / attack. Prajna's body is fragile. It needs a certain amount of blood support. You must pay attention to it!

This is the three auxiliary gods that I recommend for you to break through the Daoist school. In fact, there are many other gods among them. However, I only selected three with characteristics, and I also told you some applicable environments and problems that need attention. I hope everyone can get the good result they want in the breakthrough of Daoist hall!