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Is it a small thing to stimulate the short head equipment to upgrade the Geely suit of armored vehic

There are various weapons and props to stimulate the battlefield, and each player likes different things. In the game, there are some common equipment, but also some very scarce equipment. Today, Xiaobian will check the most scarce equipment for you. Among them, the last item is almost what every player wants. Is there any equipment you want most? First: signal gun

Signal gun is a prop that many players like. Although it has no lethality, it can summon super airdrop. I'm sure you've seen the materials in the airdrop. It's not ordinary fat. I want to remind you that if you are lucky enough to find a signal gun. The position of the signal gun must be found. If you play the signal gun in the safe area, you will brush out the airdrop box. If you play outside the circle, you will only have an armored car. I hope you will remember this!

Second: AWM

AWM's power is known to many players. If you prefer to play single shot sniper, then an AWM can make you more powerful. However, the probability of AWM brush out is very small, even in the airdrop box, it is not easy to brush out. Therefore, this gun is a sniper gun that can be met but not asked for.

Third: Lucky clothes

At present, there are three kinds of Geely suits, and the three kinds of Geely suits are also scattered in three kinds of maps. They are desert auspicious clothing, rain forest auspicious clothing and snow auspicious clothing. For Voldemort players, if you have a lucky suit, it's a terrible thing. It can be hidden in any very hidden place. Especially in the map of the rainforest, the auspicious clothes can be integrated with many things around, which is impossible to distinguish!

Last one: Chicken

The biggest charm of this game, or the biggest winner in a game, must be the player who eats chicken. So, the last dish of chicken is almost what every player wants. Even if we use the tactics of playing the field, we don't play all the way. But as long as you can eat chicken in the end, it's very good. Here, I want to test you, the chicken in the picture above, do you know where it is in the training ground?