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The legend of hearthstone is popular with players, which is more fun and convenient to play

As one of the most popular games under blizzard, the popularity of Firestone legend is also obvious. The popularity of this mobile game is not only the vast audience settled down by the end game, but also closely related to the players of Warcraft. It's much more convenient when the hand game end is online.

According to the foreign game survey, now the crowd base of the legend of hearthstone has surpassed the League of heroes, and some people are still not convinced. Why can a card game be more popular than the League of heroes? In fact, it is because the legend of hearthstone has its playability, because the League of Heroes is a game, although it feels like playing a new game at the beginning of every game, but It is the legend of hearthstone that the unknown and uncertain factors it carries are more attractive. Each game can beat each other with different strategies, which is an interesting place that other games cannot match.

The success of furnace stone legend is not very accidental, because after the success of furnace stone legend, there are still many games of the same type continue to appear, but they still haven't shaken the position of furnace stone legend, which can also show that the playability of this game is very high, although many players in the current version say that furnace stone legend has collapsed. Moreover, there is no new idea, but the crowd base has never been reduced, because we all know that there are about 10000 legendary segments in the legend of hearthstone, which are still some high-level segments, and there are more of them in the low-level segment. We can imagine how many people play hearthstone legends?

This is a population base that can't be misinterpreted, and the most important one is the legend of furnace stone. Whether it's playing on mobile phones, iPads, or computers, all of its card sets can be used universally. This is a point that many games can't do, because most people will distinguish end games from hand games so that they can play another game. I'm very familiar with it, but I have to start from the beginning. It's hard to describe the sense of loss. The legend of natural furnace stone has replaced this point. No matter it's end swims or playing on iPad, all the things he got can be used in general.

Moreover, the most important thing is that the legend of hearthstone also has a lot of benefits for novice players. You don't need to worry about that you can't set up your own set of card groups in the game at all, because many people think that if I don't have money to open the card pack, I will never set up a set of card groups. As a person who hasn't charged enough money in the game, I have nearly three or four sets of cards, which I have saved little by little. Although it's only one year to play this game, I believe that many people are still fighting in the game, and can also earn gold coins by playing the arena as an exciting way to get more Cards.