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Stimulate 30 smoke bombs to create a haze inventory game with poor experience

Any game will win or lose. Maybe you have a good time, but naturally there will be bad experiences. What bad experiences do you have in stimulating the battlefield?

1、 The holiday game experience is too bad

For many people, there is only time to play games during the holidays. Game player name card game player game player, but when the holiday season, players are also very likely to encounter some "ghosts and ghosts". As shown above, a player is knocked down to make complaints about the enemy's business card. After seeing K/D, he basically confirms that the enemy is a celestial being. After that, the players' Tucao's exciting experience of the holiday game is too poor. Should we take the old road of rising and survival? 'boys and girls, have you ever met a fairy when you were playing chicken eating on holiday?

2、 30 smoke bombs create a haze

Do you want to experience King Kong? Then go to the training ground! Do you want to become a small treasure in an instant? Then go to the training ground. Do you want to see the Iron Rooster that is invulnerable? Then go to the training ground! Do you want to feel human nature? Then go to the training ground!

In the training ground, players can see all kinds of 'pickled talents'. As shown in the above figure, a player picked up 30 smoke bombs in the training ground, and then he started to play a prank. Finally, he created a haze weather in the game. One third of the training ground is covered by smoke, which looks very spectacular.

3、 Players and pupils play games together

Usually when we play games, when we say 'primary school students', they are stupid and stupid. Even now, primary school students have become a synonym for poor game skills. But recently a player told the story of himself and the primary school students on the forum. The player and the primary school students played games for two years, from playing other games to eating chicken. In the two years, the primary school students completely subverted his cognition. The primary school students didn't have the same dish as the online ones, they would cooperate, they would play sniper guns, they would throw missiles, and they were very good lovely. Dragon million himself also thinks that primary school students play games very well. I saw a kid on the train playing chicken eating. He is proficient in everything. I was watching and shouting 'ouch, good fight! Ha ha ha, this experience is unforgettable.

4、 Female players bring their own buffs

Recently, a player put forward a theory that is very interesting. The player said: 'if there is a female player in the team when eating chicken, then the male combat power in the team will increase by 20% - 80%'. This theory seems to be a bit of an end in the world, and some of his friends may think 'I don't believe it! Do female players bring their own buffs? '。 Think about it carefully. In fact, there is no problem in this theory. There is a saying that "men and women match, not tired". When there are female players in a team, the male players will have an impulse to show their own efforts. This impulse will speed up the blood circulation of the players, focus their attention highly, and improve their overall strength. To sum up, you want to improve chicken eating Rate? Do you want to score? Let's find a girl to play the game.