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How to fight on the way of Naruto's hand tour? The battle power determines the number of levels you

How to fight on the way of Naruto's hand play the way of practice. What should Naruto do in the way of practice? Xiaobian brings the general strategy of the way of practice,

&#The miaomushan in the game is like the burning expedition in the legend of Dao tower. All the students who have played should know that we can harvest the daily rewards through the daily related challenges. The accumulation over the years can make you put on the people!

In the original work, whirlpool Naruto followed his master to practice in miaomi mountain, which opened the immortal mode. The immortal mode also helped Naruto a lot in later practice! Our second wood fairyland is our "immortal mode". I hope you can take part in the practice of Naruto's hand tour -- secluded wood fairyland. Only hard work can make Naruto a fire shadow!