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Sun CE, king of glory, sets sail, Zhuang Zhou releases fish, Lu Bu, grilled fish, Zizi

Sun CE, Zhuang Zhou, Lu Bu which family is strong? Sun CE set out to sea, Zhuang Zhou rode Kun, and Lv Bu hung Zhuang Zhou all the way!

Sun CE is a rising star in the king's gorge. Sun CE is a warrior hero in the king's glory. Sun CE is also an outstanding presence among the soldiers. In terms of speed, Guan Yu's horse riding is not necessarily faster than sun CE's boat sailing, and all of them have certain control effect. When opening a regiment, it is definitely a nightmare of the enemy, often a nightmare of the enemy It's a deadly attack on the enemy's back row. Sun CE is not very outstanding in the ability of single attack. Compared with other warrior heroes, he has a certain gap. Sun CE's main role is still his big move. He is absolutely invincible in pursuit and escape.

Among the glory of the king, Zhuang Zhou has always been a hot topic among the players. As an auxiliary hero, Zhuang Zhou has many legends compared with other auxiliary heroes. Many players think that Zhuang Zhou is a mixed hero in the valley of the king, one of the most frequent heroes in many row competitions, and often acts as a replacement in the selection of heroes There are also many players who will make great contributions to Zhuang Zhou, such as blood sucking, output type and so on. However, in the game of King's glory, Zhuang Zhou is indeed the star killer of most heroes. The control skill of his big move is really the key to his or her teammate's survival. For a hero with control skill, it can be said that there is nothing to do with him

Take Zhuangzhou's love for sun CE in the war. It's obvious to all that many players like sun CE. So what should we do about the important role of sun CE's moves in the League war? In fact, it's very simple. Zhuangzhou can solve all the problems by backhand. Anyway, sun CE is also a boatman who drives a boat. Zhou Zhuang can ride Kun and completely restrain himself Sun CE's great moves, no matter in the League war or in the single fight, as long as Zhuang Zhou opens up, sun CE's great moves will be wasted. Sun CE without great moves will definitely evaporate in the League war. In the single fight, Zhuang Zhou will definitely disgust sun CE to death and stick to it all the time, leaving sun Qi with no sense of existence

In fact, when it comes to Zhuangzhou, many players are absolutely familiar with it, and they all have their own views on it. This fish is really unique in the king's Canyon. Many heroes are afraid of it. Zhuangzhou can also travel perfectly in every corner of the king's Canyon with his own ability. But there is an old saying in China that all things have their own way. Zhuangzhou is powerful Lu Bu is really a younger brother in front of him. He has no temper to bully Zhuang Zhou

No matter in the game or in the Three Kingdoms, Lv Bu has always been a mythical hero, especially in the king's glory, and has always been on the level of single overlord. In the game, once Zhuang Zhou meets Lv Bu, he can only hold his tail as a man. Because Lv Bu's real injury, the enchanted Lv Bu can hang Zhuang Zhou all the way. Even in the group war, Lv Bu's great moves last for a long time, Zhuang Zhou is only able to relieve the deceleration of Lv Bu's great moves for his teammates. Lv Bu's one-time draw a can take Zhuang Zhou's Kun as a grilled fish in minutes