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King glory, dunshan, Guiguzi competition, strong support, who's home

Dunshan and Guiguzi are both powerful AIDS in the glory of the king. At the same time, they make many people love and hate each other. Which one do you want to use?

1. Dunshan

Dunshan is a very powerful assistant at this stage. Its function is disgusting and it will be banned in qualifying. One of his skills can block all flying skills. It's just the killer of mages and archers. The other can be controlled by force. In addition, he can avoid injuries and divide the battlefield with great moves. It always makes people feel suffocating. Although his injury is not high, he will always interrupt or resist you when you kill people.

2. Guiguzi

Guiguzi, the hero, should be the best choice to cooperate with the field fighting. One of the skills is stealth, which can reach the enemy when he is not aware of it. The other is to attract all the people around him and add a shield, especially when the group is opened, it will be destroyed accidentally. In addition, a big move shows the nearest enemy in the opposite direction And all stealth, even if the opposite want to fight wild or capture people have no way.

What kind of auxiliary hero do you think you will have more headache?