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The king's glory controls the hero of dunshan

In the king's glory, the hero of dunshan is as hard as his name, which makes him one of the non ban heroes. So how to restrain him? Here are a few heroes to try.

Xiao Qiao: the general mage will be restrained when facing mount Dun, but Xiao Qiao has no such concerns. If you only use one skill to hit dunshan, it is undoubtedly restrained. But Joe is not only one skill! Xiao Qiao's two skills can interrupt dunshan's shield lifting, while the big move can ignore dunshan's shield lifting. These two skills can cause damage to dunshan. The most important thing is that after the two skills interrupt the first skill of dunshan, you can also use the first skill to output.

Wang Zhaojun: Wang Zhaojun's restraint on dunshan is quite obvious. Because dunshan moves very slowly when lifting the shield, it is generally unable to avoid Wang Zhaojun's two skills. Once frozen by Wang Zhaojun's two skills, it means that dunshan needs to bear the damage of Wang Zhaojun's one set of skills. In 1v1, the shield mountain is basically useless to Wang Zhaojun, who will be restrained to death. Even if it is normal to rank, you can use Wang Zhaojun to restrain dunshan.

Zhen Ji: Zhen Ji is very similar to Xiao Qiao's method of restraining dunshan. They both use their skills to fly dunshan and then output tons. And compared with Joe, Zhen may have more power to suppress. Because Zhen Ji, a hero, can freeze the shield mountain after hitting it and using other skills. Can greatly reduce the action force of dunshan, and has a great auxiliary ability for playing damage.

Ganjiang moye: many players think that Ganjiang moye is restrained by dunshan in all aspects. In fact, in the 5v5 battle, this may be the case. Because of the 5v5 battle, the general moye cannot stand too far forward to avoid being killed by other enemies. But in 1v1, the Ganjiang moye can use a skill to attack the shield mountain, and then take a big move or other skills to directly output the shield mountain. It's worth noting that even if you don't use one skill to attack feidun mountain, the great move of general moye has the chance to hit the shield mountain.