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King glorify Shen Mengxi rise strengthen Shen Mengxi play analysis

Shen Mengxi has been strengthened in the latest version, and it's going to catch fire again. The powerful wandering ability makes her an excellent mage, and the damage in the later stage cannot be underestimated. Let's see how to improve.

Although Shen Mengxi has been strong for a while in the formal service, it is too strong, and has been weakened by Tianmei. The damage and skill range have been greatly reduced. This time, the number of bombs dropped in skill 1 has been changed, and the blue bar has been removed. Instead of 10 small bombs, Shen Mengxi has become the fifth mage who does not want the blue bar. The first four are fire dance, MI Yue, Sima Yi and Mengqi. Although Mengqi is a magic damage, it is not Blue bar, but it has been adjusted to tank, not in the ranks of mages.

In other words, the new version of Shen Mengxi 1 skill can drop 5 bombs in a row, that is, holding down 1 skill can automatically drop 5 cats bombs in a row toward a designated position. However, because 5 bombs can be dropped, the damage of each cat bomb dropped will be reduced, and the next thing is that it can't save energy, but after the new version, it's also good. The target is hit 5 times in a row by 1 skill, and the damage is stacked together It's still very high. It's not the damage explosion effect of some methods. The skill no longer consumes mana.

Ten Kitty bombs replace Shen Mengxi's blue bars, and reply one Kitty bomb in 5 seconds. The speed is still very fast, which can completely withstand the continuous consumption of Shen Mengxi's group war. After the start of S15 new season, Shen Mengxi's heat should be improved, with strong mobility, which is very suitable for scoring.

Now I would like to recommend a new version of Shen Mengxi's costume and inscription. In terms of equipment, you can find cool boots, pain masks, the anger of learned people, and reverberating sticks. When these pieces of equipment are put out, the damage of cat bombs is greatly increased, and the range explosion effect attached to the equipment is also improved. In the back, you can use up the unreal staff or the sage's book. If you want to protect your life, you can have a bright month. Inscription Is everyone satisfied with Shen Mengxi's revision?