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Li Xin Guiguzi, the recommended combination of King glory double row

In the king's glory, most people will choose double platoon to split up. They don't believe passers-by, but they will know more about their cooperation. Let's take a look at today's recommended double platoon.

First of all, this pair of combinations is of course dominated by Li Xin, assisted by Guiguzi. Let's first get a general understanding of Li Xin's skill characteristics. Li Xin's bright form has a high damage range, and the dark form has a high damage range, and the big move has a range control. Due to Li Xin's weakness in the early stage, Guiguzi can help protect Li Xin. Before the fourth level, she is obscene and develops. When there is a big move, she can have a fight with the opposite side.

In addition, there is a delay in Li Xin's skill release. Guiguzi's control skill can provide good conditions for Li Xin's skill release and ensure the hit rate of Li Xin's skill, which is also the core of Li Xin's cooperation with Guiguzi.

Then there is Guiguzi's big move. The stealth effect provided by the big move provides Li Xin with good gank conditions. When two people walk, the success rate of catching people is very high, which is the snowball effect. Li Xin's equipment is getting better and better. As for why to use this combination when driving black with teammates, because two people need a good cooperation. If it's a passer-by's Bureau, it's basically cool.