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What are the new heroes in the new season of "King glory" S15

The first new hero to go online in S15 season is Yao. After several seasons of repair, my friends finally wait for bugyao. The specific time will be on April 11, with the new version going online.

Due to the readjustment of auxiliary equipment in the new season, pig breeding was sanctioned by Tianmei. At this time, Yao came on the stage as an auxiliary hero. I wonder if some gods will develop new routines?

In addition, the sad new hero is that he has been exposed as early as last year. He is not good at locating shooters, has group control ability, and a skill is likely to be similar to that of Millie's robot.

And the great move has the ability to change. Is it the combination of yuange and milletti? Such a shooter must be a T1 level existence, and can definitely hang Hou Yi!