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King glorify Daji, the best equipment for half meat, Daji violence, the best 3000 methods

In the glory of the king, I believe that we all know that the stronger the mage's method is, the more blood will be hurt in the game's skill damage. Therefore, Xiaobian tested the highest number of method strengths, but the attack level of different hero's attribute points will be different. The test object Xiaobian chose Daji, who is called Daji. I believe many players like to play with her!

The fourth picture below is the skill damage bonus shown in the above picture. It can be seen that Daji's big move damage explodes in the game. Only one big move on ADC will not die or be disabled. Xiaobian is just a king's glory test this time. It only tests the magic strength. It's not reasonable to put on the clothes. The clothes can be put on according to the preferences of the players and the heroes of the enemy in the game

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Xiaobian recommends loading in the game:

King glory second crisp leather suit: Secret boots + reverberating staff + erudite anger + virtual unable staff + Sage book and bright moon. In the early stage, it can be changed to moving speed boots, grasping people with rhythm, and taking teammates up in minutes.

King's glory fighting meat outfit: foot of shadow tolerance + Holy Grail + God devouring Book + pain mask + erudite's anger + Sage's book.

Speaking of playing meat, can you Tucao?