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How much cash do you need to bring into the United States? How much cash do you need to declare?

As we all know, visa processing in the United States has always been relatively difficult, and the administration in the United States is particularly strict. Therefore, if you want to go to the United States, you must understand some common sense about entry and exit. Do you know how much cash you need to bring into the United States?

Entry to the United States

On the official website of the U.S. Customs, there are clear requirements for carrying cash

Unlimited amount of money to carry: there is no upper limit for carrying cash / checks when entering / leaving the United States

Personal entry: if you have more than $10000 in cash / check, you need to declare and fill in fincen105;

Multiple entry: if multiple persons enter the country in groups and carry more than $10000 in cash / cheques, they need to declare and fill in fincen105;

Non Divisible: in the case of multiple persons entering the country together, cash / check cannot be separated to multiple persons in the team to reduce the carrying amount and avoid declaration

Over confiscation: if the amount of money carried exceeds 10000 US dollars and is not declared, it may face full confiscation or even legal punishment. Will the tax be deducted for the declaration of cash brought into the United States? Cash declaration process

Will tax be deducted if you bring cash to declare? can't.

In short, the U.S. customs only recognize money, not people. As long as you carry more than $10000, you have to declare it, no matter how many people own the $10000, and no matter what the relationship between the people in your company is.

Someone is going to ask: does the limit of more than 10000 US dollars include 10000 yuan?

At present, there is no clear legal provisions, but customs officers may suspect that you have a loophole. Therefore, in order to save worry, it is recommended to declare US $9999 or US $10000.

Not only that, '10000' is not only for the US dollar. When you enter the country, you have to declare that the currency of all countries in your hand is more than 10000 US dollars, so remember to check the exchange rate of the day before you enter the country.

In addition, traveler's checks, cash checks, personal checks issued by others, and negotiable securities carried in and out of the United States are also included in $10000.

How to declare?

When declaring, you only need to fill in the declaration form fincen105 truthfully.

When the customs officers ask, they should honestly answer where the cash will be used and give a reasonable explanation.

There is no Chinese version of fincen105. Although it is only two pages, it is still difficult for people with poor English.

If you are too nervous and declare truthfully, but the communication is not good and the explanation is not clear, the customs may have doubts and then be invited into the small dark room to continue to communicate.

In order to avoid more trouble, you can apply for a language translator when you enter the customs.

The most common way to make false declaration is to confiscate the cash and impose a fine; if it is serious, it may be charged with 'cash smuggling' or 'money laundering' and face criminal punishment.

If you fail to declare truthfully and your cash or valuables are seized by the customs, you should immediately seek the help of an experienced lawyer to appeal.