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Where is the best place to enjoy the ginkgo leaf in Osaka? The best view is not Osaka City Park, but

Many people travel to Japan every year. Autumn is also one of the most beautiful seasons in Japan. There are many scenic spots to watch ginkgo trees in Japan. But in fact, for Japan, the most famous one in autumn is maple leaf. But don't forget the beauty of ginkgo trees! Today, I'd like to introduce you to Osaka where you can enjoy ginkgo leaves. If you want to go to Japan, you may as well walk up!


Yutangjin is a very rich scenic spot. There are hotels, shopping and other entertainment facilities here. You can come here to play. Moreover, there are many ginkgo trees planted here. On the road of four kilometers long and 44 meters wide, more than 900 ginkgo trees are planted.

Every autumn, here are dense trees, a piece of golden, covered with the road here, step on squeak, it is very romantic!

In addition, when you come here in autumn, don't forget the night lighting activities here. At that time, the lights will be combined with ginkgo leaves, and you can see the beautiful ginkgo trees even at night!

The night lighting activities of yutangjin (yutangjin, 2019november 4th, 12316; December 31st, 17:00, 12316; 23:00, please don't miss the time!

Viewing time: late November to early December

Address: No.1, Osaka City, Central District, Osaka

Mode of transportation: get off at Jr Osaka Station and get there on foot

Osaka Castle Park

Osaka City Park is a place with a long history and culture. There are 13 important cultural and historical heritage parks here. The scenery of the park is different throughout the year. You can have a look at the scenery of the four seasons here!

In addition, there is a huge ginkgo tree planted in the Tianshou Pavilion, which has a history of more than 300 years, and there is a kilometer long ginkgo tree on the east side of the pavilion. When you come here in autumn, it's a beautiful and romantic scenic spot that you have to punch in!

Viewing time: early November to early December

Transportation mode: Jr Osaka City Park Station, Mori Miyazaki station, Osaka Shiying subway station, Mori Miyazaki station, and Guting sidingmu station.

Other recommended attractions: in front of Tianshou Pavilion, the outer Garden Road on the east side of the park, and other places in the park