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When does Hangzhou Grand Canal temple fair start? How long will it last?

Recently, it can be said that it is the best time for tourism. Recently, I heard that the Grand Canal temple fair is being held in Hangzhou. There are many delicious snacks and many interesting projects for you to meet your memories of childhood. So, when will the Grand Canal temple fair begin? What are the activities?

Time and place

The Sixth China Grand Canal Temple Fair opened in Hangzhou scenic area of Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal on October 17 for seven consecutive days.

admission ticket

The Grand Canal is free of charge, with different charges for water buses, cruise ships and surrounding scenic spots.

Activity introduction

With the theme of "thick canal", the temple fair has 7 consecutive days of Grand Canal Tianzhu venue and Xiaohe and Qiaoxi historical and Cultural District sub venues.

As soon as you enter the gate of the temple fair, the hot and bustling game area takes the lead. Billiards, darts and balloons are all games that you can't bear to play when you were a child. On the other hand, there are dough figurines, sugar paintings and so on, all of which are familiar.

October 17 is a working day. The people who come to the temple fair are retired uncles and aunts. Their favorite is the local products gathered from all over the country. Aunt Yang, who came here by bus from Jianggan, told the reporter: 'you can see it on the Internet, but you can't touch it. Here, you can not only touch it, but also try and taste it first. Moreover, visiting temple fair is a kind of memory, suitable for us old people. '

The special agricultural products at the temple fair are heavily checked by Zhejiang provincial high quality agricultural products development service center, including Lin'an hickory, Fuyang dongwushan tofu skin, Ningbo Xingyang aquatic products, etc.

The most distinctive feature is that the five national famous, special and excellent new agricultural products just listed in Zhejiang Province this year have set up special zones together. Cangnan extraordinary meat swallow, Longyou Huijun mutton, Deqing lvwang Chinese soft shelled turtle, Lanxi Meijiang Shao, Longyou shanqifang hair cake and other products have been tested by the authority of Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences. They are authentic in origin, authentic in quality, safe and healthy in nutrition. If you want to have a good mouth, don't miss it.

This temple fair has lasted for seven days. If you don't have time recently, you can go to it at the weekend! The content of this temple fair is wonderful!