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Is Okinawa fun? Best travel time of Okinawa, Japan

Okinawa is a small island far away from Honshu Island in Japan. It not only maintains the style and features of Japan, but also is deeply influenced by American culture. In addition, it once belonged to China, forming the unique culture now. Here is Japan's rare subtropical scenery, there is' Oriental Hawaii 'reputation, then, Okinawa, Japan fun?

Is Okinawa fun

Okinawa, Japan is the southernmost administrative region of Japan. It can be said that Okinawa is the south of Japan's border. And it has a rare subtropical scenery in Japan, so many people will take it as a summer resort, where you can engage in diving, surfing, swimming and other water activities. Not only that, Okinawa is also a holy land of cherry blossoms in Japan, where many people come to enjoy the flowers every year.

Best travel time in Okinawa

The best time to go to Okinawa must be from July to August, which is also the peak tourist season of Okinawa. It's just the midsummer and the best time to go to sea. However, there are many tourists during this period. Not only foreign tourists, but also Japanese often choose to come to Okinawa for vacation. So accommodation is in short supply, and all kinds of expenses are rising. In addition, July and August are in the typhoon period, and there is a risk of typhoon.

The cherry blossoms in Okinawa are blooming too early. At present, the flowering season is about to pass. Maybe it's too busy to see the cherry blossoms. However, in addition to the cherry blossoms, Okinawa has many places worth visiting. At this time, you can also see the huge whale leaping out of the water. Don't miss this.