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How many of the seven most beautiful high-speed railway scenic spots have you ever taken?

Nowadays, many people like to travel. The most common way to travel is to drive by car, take high-speed rail or train. Few people choose to take a plane or a bus. In fact, sometimes taking high-speed rail is also a kind of enjoyment. You can see a lot of beautiful scenery along the way? There are several high-speed rail lines in China, and the scenery along the way will make people want to stay.

No.1 Hefei Fuzhou high speed railway

Known as' China's most beautiful high-speed rail ', every station has a beautiful scenery! From Hefei to Fuzhou, the scenery is breathtaking! Wuyuan, the most beautiful village in China, and xidihong village are all on this line.

The Anhui section passes through 11 stations including South Hefei, East Chaohu, Nanling, North Tongling, Jingde, North Jixi, North Shexian and North Huangshan.

Although there are only Wuyuan station, Dexing station, Shangrao station and wufushan station in Jiangxi section, they contain the most beautiful scenery in northern Jiangxi!

There are seven stations in Fujian section, namely Wuyishan north, Jianou West, Nanping north, Gutian north, Minqing East and Fuzhou, which directly lead to 'Rongcheng' Fuzhou.

No.2 Beijing Shanghai high speed railway

The busiest high-speed railway runs through Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai, and Hebei, Shandong, Anhui and Jiangsu provinces, with 24 stations.

The Shandong section passes through Dezhou East, Jinan west, Tai'an, Qufu East, Tengzhou East and Zaozhuang six stations. It's not far from Beijing and Tianjin. Take advantage of the small weekend to take a walk by Daming Lake.

The Jiangsu section stops at seven stations, namely Nanjing South, zhenjiangnan, Danyang north, Changzhou north, Wuxi East, Suzhou north and Kunshan south. This line connects almost all the most interesting places in Jiangsu!

No.3 Shanghai Kunming Nanjing high speed railway

The most stylish high-speed railway, from Shanghai to the primitive Miao village in Guizhou and the sacred snow mountain in Yunnan, will pass through picturesque Zhejiang, Jiangxi and revolutionary hero Hunan! It only takes 9 hours!

Zhejiang section: Jiaxing South, Haining West, Hangzhou East, Jinhua, Quzhou and other 7 stations.

Jiangxi Section: 5 stations in Shangrao, Yingtan north, Nanchang West, Xinyu north and Yichun. Poetry and painting in Jiangnan, enjoy.

Hunan section: is Changsha, Chairman Mao's hometown Shaoshan, the 2500 year old ancient city Shaoyang and the breathing City Huaihua so beautiful?

Guizhou section: there are only three stations in the south of Tongren, the south of Kaili and the north of Guiyang, but the Fanjing Mountain and the King City of Miao in Tongren, the Qianhu Miao village in Xijiang in the south of Kaili, and the ancient town of Qingyan in Guiyang are unforgettable!

No.4 Hangzhou Shenzhen high speed railway

The smallest and freshest high-speed rail, the favorite high-speed rail line for young people! From Hangzhou all the way down to Shenzhen, is a small fresh sea tour. On this high-speed rail, always facing the sea, spring flowers bloom!

Zhejiang section: aggressively contracted ten stations of Hangzhou Shenzhen high speed railway: Hangzhou East, Shaoxing north, Yuyao north, Ningbo, Taizhou, Wenling, Yueqing, Wenzhou south, Ruian and Cangnan.

Fujian Section: Xiapu, Lianjiang, Fuzhou South, Quanzhou, Xiamen north, Zhangzhou, Zhangpu and Zhao'an are all the best places for Fujian to see the sea!

This is also the famous cultural link of Shanwei, chaoguang and Shanwei~

No.5 Beijing Guangzhou high speed railway

The longest high-speed railway in the world, from DIDU to Shenzhen, is the longest high-speed railway in the world!

Guangdong section: through lechangdong, Shaoguan, Yingde West, Qingyuan, Guangzhou south, a total of five stations. The northern part of Guangdong on this line may be a leisure resort for you to escape from the busy life.

No.6 Shanghai Wuhan Chengdu high speed railway

The most delicious high-speed railway, it is said that this is a high-speed railway line most expected by Shanghai people, because it can go deep into the inland of the motherland to find food! Whether it's Nanjing, Wuhan, Chongqing or Chengdu, there are so many delicious food along the way!

Chengdu Chongqing section: hot pot, pot chicken, Dandan noodles, three big guns & hellip; & hellip; all have to drool! Pass through Chengdu East, Suining, Chongqing north, Fuling north and Shizhu County~

Hubei section: after a total of Lichuan, Enshi, Yichang East, Jingzhou, Hankou and other nine stations, to Hubei, hot and dry noodles are essential, as well as beer duck and other delicacies, how can the eaters resist?

Jiangsu section: Nanjing South, Zhenjiang, Changzhou, Wuxi, Suzhou, and Shanghai Hongqiao, which includes four of the five cities in East China! Besides the beautiful scenery, the food is wonderful.

No.7 Harbin Dalian high speed railway

The high-speed railway to the most beautiful autumn and winter, the "snow train" in Northeast China, to the beautiful world of ice and snow, ice sculpture, rime, Ski Resort & hellip; & hellip; it connects the three capital cities of the three eastern provinces, and finally to the beautiful and clean Dalian.

Heilongjiang section: there are only three stations in Harbin, Harbin West and Shuangcheng north, but in winter, Harbin can play for a few days.

Jilin section: through Fuyu north, Dehui West, Changchun, Princess Lingnan, Siping East, etc., a total of six stations.

Liaoning section: tielinxi, Shenyang, Liaoyang, Yingkou East, Dalian and other 15 stations. The terminal station is Dalian, known as "window of northeast", "Pearl of North" and "romantic city".