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How about going to Tibet by plane or by train? Why is it easier to have altitude sickness by train?

Tourism has become one of the ways for many people to decompress. People want to take their friends or relatives to travel during holidays. After all, tourism can release people's pressure and broaden their horizons. To appreciate different cultures and customs, and to feel different historical cultures and ethnic customs is the most important point, which is also the most popular point. But when people travel to Tibet, they will choose two modes of travel: by train or by plane. At this time, many people will find that they are more likely to have altitude sickness when they take the train. What's the matter?

When it comes to airplanes, I believe many people will be curious. As we all know, airplanes always fly high above the clouds. Sometimes, when the altitude is 8000-12000 meters, it is not a problem to fly over Mount Everest. Since flying so high, why don't people have altitude sickness? On the contrary, when people travel to Tibet, they will have altitude sickness. We all know that the altitude of Tibet is only about 4000 meters. Why is it so much lower than the plane? After reading the answer, you will understand. We all know that altitude sickness was caused by the environment and climate problems at that time. I believe many friends who travel to Tibet know how hard altitude sickness is.

Generally living in the plain or the seaside, when you enter the altitude of more than 3000 meters, you will have altitude sickness, it's easy to have dyspnea and feel uncomfortable. When the train enters Tibet, the body has to go from the most comfortable environment to the low-pressure and low oxygen environment. The body certainly can't stand it. Why not fly? The main reason is whether the aircraft is in a sealed state or a pressurized environment with sufficient oxygen. In this way, there will be no altitude reaction at all. People can adapt to this kind of environment and feel better.

At this time, many netizens will think, it's OK to go to Tibet by plane, in fact, it's not good. It's very difficult to fly to Tibet without an oxygen receiver. People can't stand it. Because after getting off the plane, it suddenly came to an unsuitable environment, and there was not even a transitional stage, so it was better to take the train. One thing you should pay attention to is that when you go to Tibet, you should never fight or talk loudly. I believe many people believe in their physical fitness, think that altitude sickness has no effect, but the final outcome is to let you regret.

Seeing this, I believe many friends can understand it. Altitude sickness is not the same as its name. It depends on 'high'. Altitude sickness has nothing to do with altitude. People's discomfort is caused by low pressure and low oxygen. It's just like deep-sea fish can't come to live on shore. They can't breathe at all. The higher the altitude, the rarer the air. Although Tibet is very beautiful, when you travel to Tibet, you'd better check your body before you go. Especially for some older people, you'd better pay more attention. If you don't allow your body, don't force it.

It turns out that when people travel to Tibet by train, they will have altitude reaction. It's not because the plane is a sealed space with sufficient oxygen and normal pressure. It's natural that the train compartment is connected with atmospheric pressure. I believe you can see why there is such a result. In fact, the answer is very simple. Do you have any good solutions to this phenomenon?