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When does Guangdong Xiaolan Chrysanthemum Garden start? Xiaolanju Garden Tourism Strategy

Every autumn is a good time to enjoy the chrysanthemums. Every year, the Xiaolan chrysanthemum garden in Guangdong holds a lively Xiaolan Chrysanthemum Exhibition. These chrysanthemums are very beautiful and have a variety of varieties, which are loved by everyone. At this time, many people will visit here. When will Guangdong Xiaolan Chrysanthemum Garden start? How much is the entrance fee? Where is the parking lot?


Held in Xiaolan chrysanthemum garden from November 22 to December 8.


Xiaolan chrysanthemum garden, Min'an North Road, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province

admission ticket

Xiaolan registered residence holders have valid identity cards and have been free of charge from Monday to Sunday. Migrant workers holding Xiaolan residence permit can visit the park free of charge with valid residence permit during the chrysanthemum Festival. Children under the age of 12 are allowed to enter the park free of charge accompanied by the guardian of the ticket. Senior citizens over the age of 70 (including 70), soldiers in active service and people with disabilities who meet the provisions of the law on the protection of the disabled are allowed to enter the park free of charge.

Ticket price: 20 yuan from Monday to Friday, 30 yuan on Saturday and Sunday. Visitors can buy tickets at the ticket outlets of chrysanthemum garden, and also buy tickets online through the official ticket buying channels such as' Xiaolan chrysanthemum Association ',' lazy trip ',' Ju Cheng Holiday ', WeChat official account, Ju Cheng holiday official website, etc.


1、 A car park is set up in the park, which can provide 1100 parking spaces (including one side parking). VIP parking lot is set up.

2、 The open space of Yujing garden is used as a special landing point for shuttle bus and tourist bus.

3、 Both sides of the levee are used as free parking lots for motorcycles.

4、 Consider setting up special parking points for shared electric vehicles.

5、 Xiaolan motor transport company increases shuttle bus