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Where to enjoy the red leaves in Luoyang in autumn? Six free places to enjoy red leaves!

Luoyang is a more suitable city for tourism. Every year, many people come to Luoyang for tourism. There are many tourist attractions in Luoyang. There are many tourist attractions throughout the year. Now it's late autumn, and it's the best time to enjoy the red leaves. You might as well go to Luoyang, where you can enjoy the red leaves free of charge!

Zixianshan County

Tiantan peak, the main peak of jingzixian mountain, is 829 meters above sea level. It is adjacent to the Yellow River in the north and has a wall of ten thousand feet. Its' jingzishenglan 'is listed as the first of the eight major scenic spots in Xin'an.

On the north side of the main peak, from the ridge down, there are nine different lengths of mountains, extending to the Bank of the Yellow River, just like nine dragons, lying on the mountain, stretching their heads into the water, as if playing. It looks like Kowloon. It is lifelike and has the reputation of "playing in the water in Kowloon".

At this time, in the golden autumn, you can have a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery by taking the cableway. The color changes from profusion to massiness, the green is dotted with crimson, the Jiuqu Yellow River is thousands of Li Sha, the infinite scenery is at the top of the mountain.

The wild jujube, hawthorn and various unknown fruits in the scenic spot are like small lanterns illuminating the autumn day of jingzixian mountain, with sweet smell everywhere.

favoured policy:

1. Free admission from October 10 to December 31, 2019 (original price: 50 yuan / person)

2. Note: you need to buy personal accident insurance for 5 yuan per person.


Located in Shijing Town, Xin'an County, Luoyang City, Daimeishan scenic spot is a national AAAA scenic spot, with Xiaolangdi Reservoir in the East and Sanmenxia Dam in the West. It is an outstanding example of the perfect combination of mountains and rivers.

In the golden autumn, Daimei is still towering after thousands of years of wind and rain erosion. The surrounding verdant forests, rolling mountains, and open and spacious grasslands give people a visual and spiritual shock!

When you come to Daimeishan, you can't help slowing down. This beautiful natural world will make you lose your mind and forget the time.

favoured policy:

1. Time: October 1 to October 31, 2019

2. Free ticket for local residents of Luoyang

Qingyao Mountain

Qingyaoshan scenic spot is located in the northwest of Xin'an County, Luoyang City, Henan Province. It is a World Geopark and a national AAAA scenic spot. It has won the reputation of provincial scenic spot and provincial nature reserve. According to the book of mountains and seas, "Qingyao mountain is the secret capital of the emperor", which makes Qingyao mountain have the origin with Xuanyuan Yellow Emperor, the ancestor of human culture, and make her become the carrier of inheriting ancient culture through a long time tunnel.

Lianzhu gorge, Shuanglong gorge, qingnvfeng, Xiahe and primeval forest are the five distinctive scenic spots in the scenic area. They integrate mountains, rocks, water, caves, forests, grasses, flowers, birds and animals. They are majestic, dangerous, strange, secluded, beautiful and wonderful. They have become a tourism complex integrating sightseeing, summer vacation and ancient exploration in the Central Plains.

favoured policy:

From October 1 to December 31, residents of Xin'an County are free of tickets. Non local residents working and living in Xin'an can also enjoy the free ticket policy with their work certificates. (you only need to buy 5 yuan insurance to enter the park)

Shenxian Bay of the Yellow River

Shenxianwan leisure agricultural tourism resort of the Yellow River, home stay, ancient village, training ground and other scenes.

Relying on its unique design style and strong historical and cultural atmosphere, the park plans to build three parts: manual experience area, water system and parent-child paradise, including more than 20 play experience projects, such as high-altitude glass rafting, tianwaifeixian (Rainbow slide), bamboo raft, horse riding, camel riding, archery and kart. The park is rich and diverse, with fun, allowing tourists to enjoy the beautiful scenery and entertainment At the same time, we can experience the fun brought by traditional folk customs.

favoured policy:

1. Tickets are 50% off. The original price is 40 yuan per person. Now it's only 20 yuan (valid from now to December 31, except for major holidays and large-scale activities!)

Baiyun Mountain in Song County

Baiyun Mountain in Luoyang is a National Forest Park, a National Nature Reserve and one of the top ten leisure resorts in China.

Baiyun Mountain is located in the transition zone between warm temperate zone and north subtropical zone, with an average altitude of 1800 meters. According to the survey, there are 204 kinds of animals and 1991 kinds of plants. The forest coverage rate is more than 95%. It is known as the 'natural museum' by experts and scholars.

The whole scenic area integrates mountain, stone, water, cave, forest, grass, flower, bird and beast into a whole, which is magnificent, dangerous, strange, quiet, beautiful and wonderful.

In the scenic spot, the forest is deep and the valley is secluded, the strange peaks are beautiful, and the white clouds are long. When you are in the white cloud Wonderland, there is always the beauty of 'people are swimming in the painting, the clouds are floating on the trees, and the water is dancing in the air'.

favoured policy:

Tickets are free for tourists over 50 years old from October 7 to 31.


Muzaling scenic spot is a national AAAA scenic spot. It is located in Longwang village, Checun Town, Song County, Luoyang. It is directly connected to the scenic spot by Zhengyao expressway, national highway 311 and Linmu road.

The forest coverage rate of the scenic spot is 98.5%. The huge and tight biological chain of animals and plants shows the magical nature, which is the best place for summer leisure and health preservation.

In the golden autumn, it is a natural wonder that the mountains are red, the forests are dyed, and the scenery is gorgeous. When you walk into muzaling in autumn, you can enjoy the three kinds of artistic conception of red leaves: at first you can see the colorful red leaves, then you can see the red leaves in full swing, and finally you can see the red leaves floating when they fall.

favoured policy:

1. Time: October 10, 2019 - October 20, 2019

2. Free ticket target: all tourists in China