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Which city is Tengchong located in? Recommended scenic spots in Tengchong

Entering the late autumn, it can be said that it is the season of tourism. You should know that the late autumn is a good time to enjoy the red leaves every year, and the friends who love to travel can not resist the temptation of gold. Do you want to see the autumn color of more than 3000 Ginkgo trees? Do you want to have a comfortable and satisfied hot spring in autumn? Come to Tengchong at this time!

Recommended scenic spots in Tengchong

Volcanoes National Park

Tengchong volcano geothermal park is a volcano museum, which is the only volcano geothermal coexistence area in China. The park has become a park with outstanding scientific and popular science education value. Zhongtengchong is located at the junction of Eurasian plate. The plates and ridges are squeezed each other, the crustal activity is frequent, the volcanic eruption and the earthquake are constant.

Jiangdong ginkgo Village

In the late autumn with the sound of trees and the cold color of mountains, there is a place you must go - the quiet and dreamy scenic spot Jiangdong ginkgo village! Here, it is like the quiet autumn scenery of heaven; here, it is the golden dream in winter; here, it is the back garden of heaven; here 'village in the forest, forest in the village', the village and ginkgo trees set off each other; here, it is the first ginkgo kingdom in the world.

beihai wetland

Tengchong Beihai Wetland Reserve is the only national wetland reserve in Yunnan Province, belonging to the plateau volcanic barrier lake ecosystem. This National Wetland Reserve has beautiful scenery of flowers, reeds and birds in spring and summer. The floating grass rows are made of grass roots over the years and float on the water.

Address: Tengchong is located in Baoshan City, Yunnan Province

Transportation Guide:

The traffic in Tengchong is very convenient. Planes, trains and cars can all arrive. There is Tengchong hump airport in Tengchong. At present, there are many direct buses to Tengchong in many cities. Kunming, Dali and Baoshan all have direct buses to Tengchong. Kunming takes a bus at Kunming West passenger station, and the ticket price is 214 yuan. You can also go to Baoshan first. There are many direct buses to Tengchong in Baoshan, which is very convenient.