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Where is Taohua island? How about Taohua island?

People who have read Jin Yong's story of Shooting Heroes must be familiar with the name of Taohua Island, Huang Rong's hometown. Do you have a dream of Taohua island in your mind? It is said that Taohua Island exists in real life. So, where is the real Taohua island? Is it fun?

Where is Taohua island

Taohua island is located under the jurisdiction of Putuo District, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province, on the East China Sea. It is an upgraded scenic spot in Zhejiang Province. On the island, there is a beautiful peach garden in Huaguo Mountain of tuerling. Pharmacist Huang, the "Eastern evil" in Mr. Jin Yong's famous works "biography of the archery heroes" and "heroes of the divine eagle", lives on this island.

Is peach blossom island fun

Peach Blossom Island, as the name suggests, is planted with a large area of peach blossom. Besides the beautiful peach blossom, it is also rich in other tourism resources, including sea, mountain, stone, reef, rock, cave temple, temple, nunnery, flower, forest, bird, military relics, historical monuments, Cliff stone carvings, myths and legends. Such a scenic spot with both natural and cultural landscapes certainly attracts many tourists.

Where is the Peach Blossom Island and whether it's fun? Xiaobian has clearly introduced to you above. The best time to travel is from June to October every year. Friends who want to go should choose the right time