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How many months is the best time to visit Hangzhou? Four day tour in Hangzhou

Speaking of Hangzhou, the first thing people think of is the West Lake and Lingyin Temple, which have been remembered by people. Of course, as the first batch of popular tourist cities in Hangzhou, there must be more than these scenic spots, so we must make good strategies when we go to the West Lake. How many months is the best time to visit Hangzhou? What are the interesting tourist attractions in Hangzhou? How to arrange the best tour in Hangzhou?

The best travel time: March to April, September to October

Recommended attractions:

West Lake

The West Lake is a must visit scenic spot in Hangzhou. Whether you are in Hangzhou for the first time or have been here many times, it is one of the scenic spots that you must not miss. The scenery here is different all the year round, especially in spring and summer. People can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the West Lake by boat, or directly take a boat to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the West Lake in the center of the lake, Santan Yinyue Often.

Qinghe Street

Qinghe neighborhood is located in Wushan Square in Shangcheng District of Hangzhou. It is one of the most bustling commercial districts in Hangzhou. Many small partners who travel to Hangzhou can't escape the attraction here. Not only is there an old smell in the shops and buildings here, but also there is a food street beside it. There are all kinds of local specialties and local snacks. It's a little friend who likes shopping It's a place of choice for us.

Lingyin Temple

Lingyin Temple is located near the West Lake District of Hangzhou. Jigong, the living Buddha once seen on TV, comes from Lingyin Temple. Lingyin Temple has a long history. It has cultural relics of various dynasties in history. Perhaps because of the living Buddha, many friends come here to burn incense and pray, and it is said that praying is more effective.

Travel itinerary

​ broken bridge and snow (10 minutes) & rarr; Baidi (20 minutes) & rarr; Gushan (2 hours) & rarr; Louwailou (Gushan Road store) (1 hour) & rarr; Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area Quyuan Fenghe (1 hour) & rarr; SUDI Chunxiao (30 minutes) & rarr; Huagang fish watching (1 hour) & rarr; Maojiabu (2 hours)

D2 LIULANG Wenying (1 hour) & rarr; Leifeng Tower (2 hours) & rarr; Santan Yinyue (1.5 hours) & rarr; Wushan Square (2 hours) & rarr; Hefang Street (1 hour) & rarr; West Lake scenic spot music fountain (10 minutes)

D3 Lingyin Feilai peak (0.5 hours) & rarr; Lingyin Temple (1.5 hours) & rarr; Longjing Village (2 hours) & rarr; Jiuxi Yanshu (1.5 hours) & rarr; Qiantang River Bridge (20 minutes)

D4 Xixi National Wetland Park (3-4 hours) & rarr; Yuquan campus of Zhejiang University (1 hour) & rarr; qingzhiwu (1-2 hours)