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How much does a group tour in Korea cost? Common sense for group tour to avoid being trapped

In recent years, many people like to travel abroad. South Korea, which is relatively close to China, has a large number of people traveling to South Korea every year. At this time, many people want to know how much it costs to go to South Korea with a group tour? How to avoid being trapped?

Tourism strategy of South Korea

Team tour in Korea is more affordable, and the price range is also wide, but compared with other outbound tours, it is more economical. Now I'd like to introduce the personal expenses of our Beijing Youth Travel Agency's travel team to Korea. We have a lot of lines to choose from, but most of them are around 5000 yuan, so there is not much difference. For example, the Shuangfei 5-Day Tour of a travel agency starts at 4580 yuan, which is cheap because it includes one-day free travel activities; The rest are from 4880 yuan, most of which have their own characteristics. The routes including Nanyi island are also 4880 yuan. These prices are very comprehensive. There is no consumption in the whole process, the accommodation is also very high-end, the catering is also a combination of Chinese and Korean food, and the scenic spots are also very comprehensive, such as Jeju Island and Shouer, and many famous scenic spots will not be missed.

Of course, there are also high-end routes. These routes mainly focus on the characteristic style, so they don't go as much as 5000 yuan in scenic spots, but they have distinctive features, such as 6880 yuan riding tour, which is very good. Many characteristic scenic spots are not available in other routes. How much does it cost to travel to South Korea? It's a good idea to travel to South Korea freely. The cost range is very large. If you travel to South Korea in poverty, you can spend about 3000 yuan, and the accommodation will not be so superior. If you want to go to many scenic spots and stay in Korea for a few days, it will cost about 6000 yuan.

Follow the group to avoid the pit:

1. The food is too bad or the price is too high during the trip. Sometimes, when you travel abroad, you just want to experience the exotic customs and taste the local food. But if you meet a unscrupulous tour group, they will take you to eat some cheap but unsavory food first. When you can't stand it, they will take you to eat some delicious but more expensive food. Sometimes they will encounter & lsquo; & rsquo; sky high prices & lsquo; & rsquo; It's all routine. Therefore, we must make a good strategy in advance, and find food by ourselves.

2. The accommodation was too poor during the trip. Many tour groups will publicize the lowest house price when they publicize, and then match it with pictures of the highest house price. You think it's cheap and cost-effective, but when you get there, you will find that you have been cheated. If you are not familiar with the land in a foreign country, you can only bear it. Therefore, we must make it clear in the travel agency.

3. They were forced to buy things during the trip. We should know more about this situation. Now many irregular tour groups will lead tourists to handicraft shops or other shops at the end of the tour, and they will not let you go without buying something. This kind of behavior is too banditry, so we must choose regular travel agencies to avoid losses.