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How long can Macao visa come out? How much does a Macau visa cost?

Macao is one of China's special administrative regions, it has a unique rhythm of life, especially here there are some Portuguese architecture, let Macao filled with a touch of exotic charm, you have time to feel it! We all know that to travel to Macao, we must apply for Macao pass. Do you know how to apply for Macao tourist visa?

How to apply for Macao tourist visa?

Handling process

(1) New office

For the first time, I will submit an application to the exit entry administration office where I need to register. The application materials include: identity card and photocopy of the registered residence (Photocopying on A4 paper, photocopying on the same sheet), and filling in the application form for entry and exit certificates of China's citizens. 2 inch light bottom color photographs are 2 (or on-site photo taking, cost paid), and the application for endorsement to Hongkong and Macao is also applied.

PS: if you only go to Macao, you need to apply for Macao endorsement. If you go to both Hong Kong and Macao, you need to apply for Macao endorsement.

(2) Renewal

I can handle it with my ID card and valid Hong Kong and Macao pass. I can also handle it on my behalf. The agent needs to bring his ID card. However, different cities may have special provisions for the city sign, and need to consult the immigration and Entry Administration Office of the registered residence.

PS: if the valid period of the pass is less than 6 months (3 months in some cities), or if there are not enough blank endorsement pages, the new Hong Kong and Macao pass shall be applied for according to the first application procedure, and the endorsement shall be applied at the same time.

Processing time

(1) New office: 10 working days from the date of acceptance. However, it should be noted that this is only the time of issuing the certificate, excluding the express delivery time.

(2) Renewal: 7 working days from the date of acceptance. Note the same as above.

Handling fee

(1) Certificate fee: 80 yuan per Hong Kong and Macao pass.

(2) New handling fee: 15 yuan for one time and 30 yuan for two times.

(3) Renewal fee: 20 yuan for one transaction endorsement and 30 yuan for two transactions endorsement.