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Ireland's top ten tourist attractions are recommended. You can't miss them!

Ireland has always been known as the best place for lovers to travel. Because of its beautiful environment and unique natural landscape, Ireland has a large number of tourists all year round. The first time to visit Ireland, the small partners may be very confused. Where should they go?

Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park is located on the North Bank of the lefey River in the northwest of Dublin City Center, covering an area of 1760 acres. It is the most famous park in Ireland. The park was originally a deer park built by the then governor Duke Ormond in 1663. It was intended to cater to the King Charles II and some dignitaries in Dublin. After several centuries of changes, it still retains the characteristics of deer garden in the 17th century. Because the deer park was originally named finniskk (meaning clear water and green grass) in Celtic, and its pronunciation is similar to Phoenix in English, the British call it Phoenix Park, and this name is gradually accepted by people. The newly-built park once became a luxury place for the kings, but later it was ruled by the people and brought happiness to tens of thousands of tourists.

Dublin Castle

The architectural style and scale of Dublin Castle at the beginning of its construction can be regarded as one of the most magnificent castles in Europe. It is a city in the city of Dublin in the middle ages, with a rectangular shape and four Peibao at the four corners.

In 1169, the Angelo Normans landed in wicksfordshire, Ireland, and controlled Dublin for several years. Thirty years later (August 30, 1204), King John of England authorized the construction of a castle to hold his taxes and treasures and to serve as an English base in Ireland. Dublin Castle was built against this historical background. Most of the ancient castles were destroyed in a fire in 1684, which burned the medieval castle beyond recognition. Only one Fort Pei was completely preserved. Therefore, most of the existing old buildings in the castle are relics built in the 18th century

The main function of Dublin Castle is to serve as the reception of the state and the official residence of the governor. In history, Dublin Castle has long been the seat of the British ruling authority over Ireland. The richly decorated St. Patrick's Hall (banquet hall), the assembly hall and the throne room were once the main venues for the British governor in Ireland. Now Dublin Castle is the most important place for state affairs in Ireland, where presidential inaugural ceremony and state banquet welcoming foreign heads of state or government are held.

Powerscourt Gardens

It was built in the 1820s by 100 workers over 12 years and covers an area of about 14000 acres. Baoershige manor is famous for its open and pleasant scenery, well-designed sculptures, terraces and pools. Around the pool, exquisite iron ware can be seen everywhere, and Italian sculptures and Italian ramps are well arranged.

Borsig manor is one of the most beautiful buildings in Ireland and one of the few most famous gardens in the world. From the inside out of the house of borsige building, the garden nearby is integrated with the lake and the mountains in the distance, forming a perfect picture that is unforgettable for life.

Guinness exhibition hall

The Guinness store house in modern style has been shown to the world in the form of Chicago architecture since 1904. When it comes to Guinness, it may be little known, but for the Guinness world record, it should be clear. In fact, the origin of the word Guinness is Guinness, both of which are Guinness in English. Enjoying the colorful lighting design, the exhibition hall is always in a colorful space. Different from the general exhibition hall, you should have a more important mission when you come here - to brew your own beer in person, and you can also get a certificate with great value after brewing successfully. Take the beer to the top viewing platform and taste the homemade and mellow black beer. The whole Dublin seems to have a panoramic view of its history.

Trinity College

Trinity College of Dublin University is a public university, located in the center of Dublin, covering an area of 160000 square meters. Founded in 1592, it has been a world-famous Education Center for more than 400 years. It is as famous as Cambridge and Oxford universities in the UK, Harvard and Yale Universities in the United States. It has a long academic tradition, and has a long history in the academic and teaching aspects of Arts, science, medicine and other related majors It is known as a first-class world-famous university and enjoys a high international reputation. Its graduates have always been hot talents in the human resource market of Europe, North America and Australia. Its teachers include world-famous scholars, Nobel Prize winners and literary celebrities. It is in a leading position in scientific research, innovation and exploration in many fields of science and technology.

Wicklow Mountains National Park

Wicklow Mountains National Park, covering an area of 20000 hectares, is one of the six national parks belonging to the Heritage Management Department of the Irish government. The Wicklow mountains were formed by the crustal uplift caused by the collision between ancient Europe and ancient America 400 million years ago. The park is rich in natural resources, including mountains, swamps, lakes and other different landforms and vegetation layers. There are many birds and animals in the forest, such as red deer, sika deer, hare, crow, Falcon and so on. Red deer is a rare species that moved to Ireland during the glacial period 1000 years ago. It's a wide valley of wickuro. There is a gurgling stream flowing through the valley. The fog often lingers in the valley. It's like a fairyland. It's a tourist resort.

Kilkenny Castle

Kilkenny castle, built on a bend of the Kilkenny River nore, is a Norman era building that has gone through centuries of ups and downs. The castle was first built in 1172 with wooden towers built by strongbow, but was later destroyed. From 1204 to 1213, strongbow's son-in-law and his successor, William Marshall (count Pembroke), rebuilt it and changed its main building material to masonry. In 1391, the Butler family bought the castle. In the long history up to 1967, they were all private castles of the Butler family, handed down from generation to generation. Finally, in 1967, the owner of the castle gave it back to the public. The owner only collected 50 pounds symbolically and handed it over to the government. After that, the castle began to open to the public and was managed and maintained by the Irish public works office. Now it is an Irish cultural heritage and one of the most famous castles in Ireland.

Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher is the highest cliff in Europe. It faces the boundless Atlantic Ocean on the edge of the Midwest of Ireland. It is famous for its adventure. With the impact of the crustal movement and the great waves of the Atlantic Ocean for countless years, Mohe cliff has formed an uncanny shape. This amazing masterpiece of nature creates a dense cross-sectional layer like an axe. It seems to be a great book through the ages. Near the cliff, towering a cylindrical barren Brien tower, like a decadent knight, is also the commanding point to watch the cliff. As the sun goes down, the vast Atlantic Ocean is filled with brilliant golden glow. Perhaps more familiar is that in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Potter and Dumbledore leave footprints on the edge of the cliff.

St. Patrick's Cathedral

The earliest St. Patrick's Cathedral was built in 450, and has been rebuilt several times to its present size. After Henry II appointed John comyn as archbishop of Dublin in 1181, St. Patrick's Cathedral was built one after another until the end of the 14th century. Today's church was rebuilt in the 19th century. The bell tower on the west side was added when it was rebuilt in 1370. It has the largest collection of clocks in Ireland so far. In this church, besides the tombstone of the early Celtic, there are also important figures in the founding history of Ireland, including the first president of the Republic of Ireland. The importance of St. Patrick's Cathedral is equivalent to Westminster Abbey in Britain.

Adair Castle Hotel

Adare manor Castle Hotel is a model of the castles around Adare. The castle is well protected. It is an ancient site of Norman fortress. Now the castle has been transformed into a five-star hotel and golf resort. It can be said that it is one of the most beautiful castles in Ireland.

In fact, there are many other scenic spots in Ireland. What Xiaobian introduces is only the most representative part. If you really want to visit Ireland, I'm afraid you'll have to stay there for a while. I hope it will be helpful to my friends who go to Ireland for the first time.