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Which province is Beidaihe located in? Beidaihe is the most interesting scenic spot

When it comes to Beidaihe, people who like to travel must know this place. Do you know which province Beidaihe is in? What are the interesting scenic spots in Beidaihe? Beidaihe, located in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province, is one of the famous summer resorts in China. Of course, the four seasons here are very beautiful, the scenery has its own characteristics, no matter when you have time, you can come here to feel the magnificence and tenderness of Beidaihe.

Beidaihe is the best place to go

Laohushi Park

When you go to laohushi, you must bring snacks for your baby. You can take biscuits, bread, steamed bread and Shaobing with you.

Because the seagulls here are too close to each other. Seeing you is like an old friend who has not seen you for a long time, circling, wandering and singing around you.

If you don't bring a gift to an old friend, you'll be embarrassed to come to see him, won't you?

Pigeon Nest Park

Pigeon Nest Park is very famous in Beidaihe. It's similar to the place where you must punch in. It's famous for watching the sunrise.

But in fact, the pigeon nest without sunrise is still very beautiful, with winding coastline, wetland surrounded by meandering water and wooden plank road passing through forest, which is full of fun.

Strange stones and buildings

In fact, this scenic spot is a pit. There is only one so-called 'strange building' standing in the park of nuota. The rest are gardens. In spring, there are no flowers, so the plain Beidaihe people are full of artificial flowers in their gardens, which are very popular in the distance. Because we don't need tickets in the off-season, we went in for a walk. If you want tickets, I suggest you have a long-distance view. To tell you the truth, it's not as good-looking as the roadside hotel.

Biluota bar Park

The park is located at the easternmost end of Beidaihe river. It is surrounded by the sea on three sides and looks like a peninsula. The beach, reef, pine forest and the sea complement each other.

The world's first bar culture theme park, wish bar, vent bar, shopping bar, toilet bar, bar bar has characteristics, bar has new experience.

Sea bar, diving, fishing, bonfire party, RV camp, beer garden, have to enjoy the leisure experience destination

Club Med Gold Coast

The club med we stayed in was in Anaya community on the gold coast. It was an hour and a half from the downtown by taxi.

To enter the community, you need to make an appointment in advance and have the hotel registration record before you can take a taxi to see off the guests.

Anaya auditorium

Out of the hotel is the beach, along the beach to the left, you can go to Anaya auditorium.

Anaya's lonely library is famous, but the most popular one is Anaya auditorium.

Its white and simple appearance has a sacred beauty against the clear blue sea.

Lonely Library

On one side of the lonely library is a French window facing the sea, through which bright sunlight falls on the readers.

The other three sides are tall Book walls, which are full of books on various subjects.

The whole library is very quiet, as if time has stopped here. In silence, it seems that only the sound of turning pages can be heard.

Beidaihedong bathing beach

Starting from daihekou in the West and yingjiaoshi in the East, it is a seaside summer resort with large scale, beautiful scenery and complete facilities in China.

Green mountains and the sea, villa and forest blend. The coast is long and winding, the beach is flat, and the sea is clear.

In the south is a long and gentle coastline with fine soft sand and good water quality. A number of special and public baths have been opened up.