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How to travel in Kaifeng? Summary of major fun places in Kaifeng

Speaking of Kaifeng, this place should be familiar to everyone! Kaifeng City is located in the hinterland of the Central Plains and the Bank of the Yellow River. The Qingming River map is its miniature, and its 2700 year history has given it the reputation of "Bianjing is rich and beautiful in the world". So, do you know any interesting scenic spots in haokaifeng?

Qingming Shanghe Garden

Qingming Shanghe park is an antique cultural theme park based on the famous painting Qingming Shanghe Tu by Zhang Zeduan of Song Dynasty and the theme of urban life and ancient entertainment of Bianliang (now Kaifeng), the capital of Northern Song Dynasty. The garden reproduces the bustling Bianjing City, which is a vivid picture of Qingming River.

Personally, you will feel as if you have entered a historical picture.

Kaifeng Prefecture

Kaifeng Prefecture in the Northern Song Dynasty was the first capital in the world at that time. Now the Kaifeng mansion that tourists see is a man-made antique scenic spot rebuilt in recent years.

When tourists visit the scenic area, they can also watch many antique performances, such as "opening yamen ceremony", "judge the case by Baogong" and so on.

The daxiangguo Temple

Daxiangguo temple in Kaifeng, formerly known as Jianguo temple, was the place where Lu Zhishen pulled down willows in Outlaws of the marsh. It reached an unprecedented peak in the Northern Song Dynasty and was the royal temple at that time.

There is a pavilion in the east corner of the temple, in which a bronze bell is hung. The bronze bell was cast in 1768, which is a precious cultural relic of the temple.

Longting Park

Kaifeng Dragon Pavilion, in fact, is not a pavilion, but a palace built on a huge black brick platform with a height of 13 meters. It was once the site of the imperial palaces of the Five Dynasties, including the Later Liang Dynasty, the later Jin Dynasty, the later Han Dynasty, the Later Zhou Dynasty, the Northern Song Dynasty and the Jin Dynasty.

Every year in October, Longting is the main venue of Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Culture Festival, which is famous at home and abroad.

iron tower

Kaifeng iron tower, because the outer wall is inlaid with brown glazed bricks, looks like iron color far away. It is commonly known as' iron tower ', and has the reputation of' the first tower in the world '.

The iron tower has a long history of nearly 1000 years. You can go up to the tower and overlook the view from the top.


Xiaosongcheng is an indoor business district, where you can enjoy some special crafts of Kaifeng, such as Bianxiu, Zhuxian Town Wood New Year pictures and so on. The most attractive is the snacks here. There are dozens of restaurants, restaurants and stalls. There are many shop signs and a wide range of snacks.