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What are the suitable places for parents and children to visit in autumn in Beijing? Top ten attract

Beijing has always been the first choice for many people to go to the north. Beijing's autumn is short and beautiful. Mr. Lao she compares Beijing's autumn to paradise. If Jin Qiu doesn't go out for a walk, he always seems to feel a little sorry. Where is better to enjoy autumn scenery in Beijing?

The Mutianyu Great Wall

If you don't want to see the conventional Great Wall, but want to see the simple and solemn, go to Mutianyu Great Wall. It is said that the red leaves here are the most beautiful.

Located 20 kilometers northwest of Huairou District, Mutianyu is one of the famous tourist attractions in Beijing.

The scenic spot has many mountains and beautiful scenery. There are more than 280000 color leaf trees such as apricot and torch on the mountain. The color leaf area covers the whole Mutianyu. The Great Wall in autumn and the mountains in heavy makeup are picturesque and poetic.

Yanqing Baili Gallery

Baili gallery is located in Qianjiadian Town, Yanqing County. It doesn't refer to a particular scenic spot. The whole area is picturesque. The mountain road is winding, but the road condition is very good, there is no steep road.

The scenic spot consists of 12 space nodes in one ring, three districts, involving 112 li of riverside Ring Road, hence the name of "Baili landscape gallery".

Along the way, the vines on the mountain walls are dyed red in the autumn color of northern Beijing. The sunlight is cast down through the trees and shines on the red leaves, which is even more beautiful.

The maple leaves

In the first grade textbooks of primary school, the sentence 'Fragrant Mountain, red leaves and red sky' is still very impressive.

Every autumn, the leaves of Cotinus coggygria all over the mountains are as red as fire, and they are deep purple after frost. These Cotinus coggygria trees were planted in Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty. After more than 200 years of development, they gradually formed a Cotinus coggygria forest area with 94000 trees.

It's best to choose a frost season to watch red leaves. At this time of Xiangshan, tens of thousands of acres of sloping land, maple yellow Cotinus red like fire, from a distance, you will mistakenly think it is falling petals, close to see it is oval leaves.

Baihe Gorge

From the northeast of the Baihebao reservoir dam in Yanqing County, you can enjoy the scenery of the canyon.

The cliff nearly 100 meters high splits the rolling white river like a sword. The great wall of Ming Dynasty meanders through the mountains. The strange scenery of nature is quite shocking. From Miyun County upstream along the Baihe River to the north foot of Yunmeng Mountain, we can reach the most spectacular place of Baihe gorge.

On the stone platform hanging by the road, you can have a panoramic view of the mountains and the winding White River, and the scenery is beautiful.

Ginkgo forest in Diaoyutai

Located outside the east wall of Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, Sanlihe Road, Xicheng District, the ginkgo forest in Diaoyutai has become a landmark of Ginkgo in Beijing. It is a good place for people in Beijing to enjoy, think, cherish and love autumn.

In late autumn, the streets are decorated with golden gingko trees, big and small. The grass under the trees is covered with thick golden gingko leaves, which makes a "rustle" sound.

The straight ginkgo Avenue is full of people, old people and children enjoying Apricot Leaves, romantic couples taking wedding photos, photographers holding long guns and short guns, and painters setting up drawing boards.

Huanghuacheng water Great Wall

Huacheng water Great Wall tourist area is located in Jiuduhe Town, Huairou District. It is a tourist and leisure resort famous for its marvelous scenery, beautiful scenery and integrating mountains, clear water and the ancient Great Wall.

The "three unique sceneries" here are even more fascinating and breathtaking

The Great Wall, built in the Yongle period of Ming Dynasty, hovers on the ridge and surrounds the Bank of Haoming lake.

The Great Wall is naturally cut off by the water of the "two Jue" lake, forming a unique landscape of the Great Wall playing with water and no ancient city wall.

In the chestnut garden of Ming Dynasty, there are many ancient trees in different shapes. The body of the dragon playing with the Pearl and the crown of heaven are full of praise.

Autumn scenery of Mentougou

Autumn is the most beautiful season to watch the red leaves in Mentougou. The red leaves in Mentougou are red, gorgeous and beautiful. From late September to early November, the forests on both sides of the national highway and around the hiking routes are dyed, the mountains are red and colorful.

A school of emerald flowing gold, colorful scene, constitute the most beautiful landscape painting and the whole area of Baili gallery.

The red leaves of Mentougou are not only the earliest, but also the longest! With the gradual decrease of temperature, the colorful leaves forest in Mentougou District will be gradually stained by autumn frost from deep to shallow mountains. While enjoying the beautiful scenery of red leaves, visitors can also participate in the autumn activities held by the scenic spot.

Labagoumen National Forest Park

Labagoumen National Forest Park has 70000 mu of primary secondary forest. It has the largest area of Quercus mongolica forest, Betula platyphylla forest, mountain forest and other natural forests in Beijing.

Labagoumen National Forest Park has the highest forest coverage rate in Beijing. Labagoumen National Forest Park has more than 120 natural landscapes with development value, which is one of the three ecological scenic spots in Huairou District.

Labagoumen National Forest Park is rich in a variety of dry fruits and local specialties, including a thousand mu birch forest that can only be seen in Siberia.

Miaofeng Mountain

Miaofeng Mountain, with its unique geographical environment and climate conditions, has red leaves like fire, red clouds, golden and green, like a colorful landscape painting, just like a peach garden.

In the scenic spot, maple forest, pine forest, apricot forest, yellow cot and so on are full of red leaves, colorful leaves, and colorful layers of forest.

Jinhai Lake Scenic Spot

Jinhai Lake scenic area is located 18 kilometers east of Pinggu District, with a water area of 65000 square kilometers. Jinhai lake is surrounded by mountains from east to west and North, green mountains in summer and red leaves in autumn.

There are 'four points and one line' red leaf viewing area around the scenic spot: the 'four points' includes around Jinhai lake, around the big karst cave, around Yaji mountain and around Donggao village ski resort; the' one line 'is from yukou of Changjin road to Jinhai lake. The main tree species in the red leaf ornamental area are Cotinus coggygria, Acer truncatum, torch, etc.