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What are shared cars? How much does it cost to rent a shared car for one day?

We all know that in recent years, the sharing economy can be said to be more popular. With the emergence of bike sharing, car sharing is becoming more and more popular. Car sharing has brought great convenience to people's life. As long as it meets the relevant regulations, car sharing can be borrowed. Now car sharing can be seen in many cities. So, do you know what the shared car is? How much does it cost to rent a shared car for one day? How to deal with car sharing violation?

1、 What kind of car is shared

Shared car models are nothing more than fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles. Now many manufacturers try to use new energy vehicles as shared models. Shared cars greatly facilitate people's travel. However, due to the low popularity, shared cars have not formed a scale, and the regional proportion is small. What kind of car do share cars use?

1. BMW 1 Series (Shenyang)

BMW 1 series as a shared car has earned everyone's attention. In August this year, the first batch of brand-new shared car 1 Series cars in Shenyang, Liaoning Province are in blue.

2. Jac iev6e

Jac can be regarded as an early independent brand of new energy. The new iev6e, which is positioned as A00, is a model mainly for economic and household use. After the preferential subsidy policy, the price is also more affordable.

3. Chery ants EQ1 and EQ

It's not new for independent brands to occupy new energy sharing cars. Chery ant EQ1 is also making contributions to the sharing car industry.

4. Zhongtai E200

It is believed that this year is the worst year for Porsche to be hacked. Zhongtai also launched the E200 model in the field of shared car. How much is car sharing for a day?

2、 How much is a shared car for a day

Car sharing enables many people who can't afford to buy a car to drive, which provides great convenience for people who have just entered the society. The focus of people's attention should be on the charge of car sharing, so how much does car sharing cost for a day?

Car sharing really brings convenience to people, with a high degree of freedom. Don't be so constrained by taking a taxi. You can do whatever you want. It's more cost-effective to rent a car sharing in a short time, which is less than the price of taking a taxi.

What kind of car is shared car? How much is shared car rental per day? How to deal with violation of regulations

If you use the car for a long time, it's not so cost-effective for you to rent the shared car at this time. It's mainly because of its cost. You not only have to pay the basic fee for renting a car, but also charge the mileage fee for every extra kilometer you drive. At this time, it may be more expensive than taking a taxi.

From the moment you use the shared car, the timing starts. There is also a time charge at the time of settlement. This time charge seems insignificant, and the lowest time charge among many shared cars is only 0. 1 yuan / minute, but 24 hours a day is 144 yuan. Even if the car doesn't run, it costs about 150 yuan. How to deal with car sharing violation? How much do you charge?

3、 How to deal with car sharing violation

When we are driving a shared car on the road, we need to obey the traffic rules. But it is also possible to break the rules unintentionally. Many drivers want to know about the handling of breaking the rules. How to deal with car sharing violations?

In case of traffic violation, the traffic police department will punish the driver of the shared car in accordance with the traffic safety law, rather than the owner or unit of the car. When accepting the driver to deal with traffic violations, the traffic police department first checks whether the driver comes to deal with them, and if not, they will not deal with them. If the violation is not handled for seven days, there will be a penalty of 200 yuan per day.