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What materials do you need for a Japanese visa? Summary of necessary materials for Japanese visa

In recent years, many people like to travel abroad. Japan, which is relatively close to China, has become one of the most popular tourist countries. However, we all know that visa is necessary to travel to Japan. So, do you know what materials need to be prepared for Japanese visa application?

What materials do you need for a Japanese visa

There are many materials needed for visa processing in Japan, including:

1. ID card and household register

The applicant's ID card and a copy of the applicant's whole household register.

2. Original passport

The valid period should be at least 6 months from the departure date. The passport number and name should be displayed completely and clearly.

3. Two ID photos

Two 2-inch (4.5cmx4.5cm) white background color photos taken in the past six months, with the name written on the back of the photos.

4. Application form for Japan

This form uses PDF machine to generate information QR code in the whole process, which needs to be printed as 2 pages, not front and back; the signature column must be signed in person.

5. Copies of asset materials

Copies of house property certificate, automobile driving license, and other materials, such as international credit card, gold card, etc.

6. In service personnel

Detailed address, telephone number and fax of the company, name, position, income and working years of the applicant, name and position of the person signing the company.

7. Retirees

A copy of the retirement certificate, providing the retirement certificate or retirement certificate, covering the name of the applicant, the date of retirement and the name of the retirement unit.

8. Students

The original school certificate or the copy of the student card, with the official seal of the school and the signature of the person in charge.