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What are the types of Thai tourist visa? What month is the best time to visit Thailand?

In recent years, there are more and more tourists to Thailand, not only because Thailand is close to China, but also because of its beautiful scenery, cheap price and easy visa application. Thailand is also suitable for the first time to travel abroad, so what should we pay attention to when we go to Thailand? How do you play?

Thailand, also known as' Siam ', is a famous tourist country in Southeast Asia. It has rich tourism resources, including magnificent temples, sandy beaches and beautiful natural scenery. Moreover, the price of Thailand is relatively low, and the cost performance of tourism is very high. Now Thailand has become one of the most favorite travel destinations for tourists in the world.

Visa: to Thailand, you need a tourist visa to enter.

There are three ways to apply for Thai tourist visa:

Pre departure visa: go to the embassy (consulate) or travel agency for visa before departure.

Landing visa: after arriving in Thailand, apply for visa before entering Thailand.

Electronic landing visa: go to the official website for visa before departure.


From home, you can fly directly to Bangkok and Phuket Island, and a few cities can fly directly to Chiang Mai. If you want to go to other destinations, you need to transfer in Bangkok. As Bangkok is the air transportation hub of Thailand and even Southeast Asia, you can easily and economically reach other destinations in Thailand by transferring in Bangkok.

Best travel month in Thailand:

Thailand is different from our country. Thailand is located in the tropics. It is hot all the year round, and the temperature difference is not big. The so-called 'four seasons are like summer'. From November to January of the next year, the average temperature is 19 ℃ ~ 26 ℃, which is called cool season. It is the best season to visit Thailand, followed by April to October.