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What are the interesting places in jiaozi snow mountain? Recommended scenic spots of Jiaozi snow mou

There are many snow mountains in Yunnan. The snow mountains and blue sky in Yunnan set off each other. The sky is bluer and the snow is whiter. Jiaozi snow mountain is 147km away from Kunming City, 4227 meters above sea level. It is the first mountain in Central Yunnan. It is named because the highest peak is shaped like a sedan chair. Jiaozi snow mountain scenic spot has many ice eroded depressions, some of which accumulate water all the year round and become alpine lakes. The famous lakes are snow mountain Tianchi Lake, mubanghai lake and Jingguai lake. So, how to play in jiaozi snow mountain? What are the scenic spots of Jiaozi snow mountain?

In the section of Jiaozi snow mountain with an altitude of 2500-4000 meters, there are many kinds of high mountain waterfalls with a drop of tens of meters to hundreds of meters. In summer, the silver curtains of these waterfalls are falling and the clouds are winding. In the cold winter season, the waterfall is frozen from top to bottom, forming an ice waterfall, just like a huge white marble sculpture with thousands of shapes.

Huaxi is a sister waterfall in the group of Alpine waterfalls. It is more than 800 meters long and 6-10 meters wide. In autumn and winter, the stream freezes, forming a huge white ice band.

At the turn of spring and summer, red, white and yellow rhododendrons are in full bloom by the stream, showing the original natural beauty. Jiaozi snow mountain scenic spot has preserved 15000 mu of primary secondary forest of Abies fargesii and primary Rhododendron forest. Most of them are ancient relict plants survived through the ice age. This is the place where the forest ecosystem in Central Yunnan is well preserved.

Buddha light is a kind of atmospheric optical phenomenon. There are gorgeous halos on the clouds. The seven color halos of red outside and purple inside are semicircular and cover the figure of tourists. The shadow moves with people, which is called Buddha light.

The shape of the Buddha light on the Foguang rock in jiaozi mountain is very beautiful. Generally, it can be seen from 14 to 17 days when it is cloudy and sunny.

In addition to the natural landscape, jiaozi snow mountain has three sacred places.

Jiaozi snow mountain is surrounded by clouds and purple air all the year round. The towering peak stands like a giant chair in the air. With the protection of gods, it is noble and holy. The Nanzhao king of Dali in Tang Dynasty named this mountain "lenibai".


The "lenibai" in Yi People's mind is a holy and transparent fairyland on earth and the home of their ancestors' souls. The symbol of "Le Ni Bai" is the temple on Jiao Zi mountain. The temple is 3966 meters above sea level, above a line of sky and below Tianchi. According to the records of ancient books in Yi language, the temples in ancient times were resplendent and splendid. Whenever the torch festival and other major festivals, Yi people always hold ancestor worship ceremony in the temple.

The statue of apudumu

At an altitude of 4223 meters in jiaozi mountain, there stands a huge and extremely dangerous peak and a strange peak. It comes from the uncanny workmanship of nature. On the back of the peak, there is a vivid picture of the head of the old man. Because of its unique shape and manner, it looks like the ancestor of the Yi people, apudumu. It has been regarded as a holy stone by the Yi people for generations, and numerous tourists come to worship it.

Thin strip of sky

At the southwest end of the peaks of Jiaozi mountain, there is a very unique scenic spot, which seems to be split by a sharp axe. A deep and steep gorge is formed between the cliffs, which is like crossing the sky. Because of the dangerous and windy scenery, the Yi people call it "a line of heaven". Along the way, there are steep cliffs, towering rocks, roaring wind and singing mountain birds. Because the mountain is very dangerous, it can test the physical strength and will of the climbers.

When you climb to the top and look out, the sky and the earth are open, the valley is empty, the clouds are floating, you listen to the sound of ten thousand pines and waves, you are full of pride, and you are tired. Different from many world-famous "yixiantian" scenic spots, the yixiantian of Jiaozi mountain is the ladder and plank road for the soul of FAGA, king of luowu, to go to heaven.