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What do you need to bring to Thailand? The best route of six day tour in Thailand

Thailand, in recent years, has become one of the preferred countries for many Chinese people to travel abroad, because Thailand not only has a variety of fun and delicious, but also has low prices, which can be said to be more affordable. So, how to travel to Thailand? What do you need to bring to Thailand?

What to take to Thailand?

1. Certificate and passport

For those who need to sign the original passport, they need to prepare two 2-inch white background photos in addition to the original passport;

It is suggested to exchange baht in domestic bank of China in advance, with the exchange rate of 1:5 baht;

UnionPay card in Thailand has UnionPay logo or the ATM machine of Thailand's associated banks. It can directly withdraw THB with bank card, but it will charge THB 50 for each transaction. In addition, many places in Thailand can use Alipay or WeChat to pay. It is still very convenient.

2. Daily necessities and apps

Essential mobile phone APP Alipay, WeChat, Ctrip, Google map, and other translation software.

Telephone card happy card (Thailand 7 days unlimited flow) can be bought in advance in a certain treasure East, Thailand airport also has business hall can buy.

Thai hotels do not provide disposable towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, slippers, the above items must be carried; local 711 can also buy.

It's very important to go to Thailand for sunscreen! You must prepare sunscreen Series 50 times of sunscreen when you are playing by the sea.

With seaside clothing suit, shorts, long skirt, sunglasses, swimsuit, hat.

Thailand is a tropical country. You can dress up in summer. You'd better take a long sleeve coat to prevent the low temperature of air-conditioned room!

3. Others

Camera / mobile phone waterproof bag, power bank, commonly used drugs, two hole power converter (Thailand jack is two empty holes, if there are three hole plug electrical appliances, there is no converter) Thailand 6-day tour best route accept it!

For the first time to Thailand, you can go to Jeep Island:

Day1 arrival in Phuket - airport pick up - arrival at Hotel

Morning of Day2: free activity;

Evening: Simon show

Day3 big and small emperor Island + honeymoon island dolphin day tour;

Evening: visit Jiangxi cold night market

Day4 am: Jungle leap; return to another hotel

Evening: Karen's Secret cliff Restaurant

Day5 passion rafting 5km + elephant riding + ATV

Evening: Hotel Leisure

Free activities on Day6