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What month is world tourism day? The origin of World Tourism Day

Nowadays, more and more people like to travel. Young people like to use tourism to relax their mood. Tourism develops with the trend, and it can also create income in various countries. Therefore, every country attaches great importance to tourism and defines a certain day of the year as world tourism day. What is the world tourism day?

What month is world tourism day

World Tourism Day is September 27th every year. It is positioned as world tourism day because it happens to be just after the peak tourism season in the northern hemisphere and just after the arrival of the tourism season in the southern hemisphere. Therefore, from September 27, 1980, some countries will hold a series of tourism related activities, such as issuing stamps, launching new tourist routes, or opening up new tourist spots.

China officially became a member of the World Tourism Organization in 1983. In order to popularize the concept of tourism, clarify the role and significance of tourism, and promote the development of world tourism, the world tourism organization has set a theme for World Tourism Day every year since 1980. Tourism organizations of various countries carry out activities according to the theme and requirements of each year.