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11 travel to be careful, careful to spend money to go to a fake scenic spot

It's going to be the National Day holiday soon. Have you arranged your travel plan? First of all, I would like to help you recall that during last year's national day, you should be careful to spend money to go to a fake scenic spot. The fear of being dominated by the sea of tourists on Mount Tai is that it's not terrible to have too many tourists. What's terrible is that you may also go to a 'fake' Mount Tai or other 'fake scenic spot' after spending money.

It is still the mainstream of Chinese people to travel and take a holiday during the seven day National Day holiday. In the process of traveling and taking a holiday, how to avoid being cheated, fall into various tourism and consumption traps, and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests has become everyone's' required course '.

Shandong Taian police recently seized a case of fraud tourists, it is very typical and representative. The illegal personnel take the bait of not having to buy tickets and taking short cuts to take the tourists who are not familiar with the place of life to some places that have not been built and planned and are free of charge at a low cost, saying that they have visited Mount Tai. The tourist didn't find that he should have been cheated until he was sent back to the hotel. Another situation is that some residents near the scenic spot, depending on their own familiar terrain characteristics, charge much less than the regular tickets of the scenic spot, and then lead the tourists to escape into the scenic spot.

In the first case, the places where tourists spend money to visit are not formal scenic spots at all. They can only say that they have visited 'fake scenic spots' and' fake scenic spots', so their rights and interests are difficult to be protected. For the second case, although tourists enter the scenic area by taking short cuts and escaping tickets, this kind of behavior is dishonest and damages the interests of the scenic area. Once they are found, they may face punishment. In case of accidents, they can only bear all the consequences by themselves.

In order to avoid falling into the trap and routine during the National Day travel, we need to do some tourism strategies well in advance. The most important thing is not to be greedy for cheap or trouble free. We should buy tickets through formal channels and visit scenic spots through proper channels.

Because many scenic spots in China overlap and interweave with the production and living areas of local residents, some local residents have found 'business opportunities' and even formed an underground industrial chain, which is also a breeding ground for' black guide 'and' wild horse guide '. Although the tourism management department will curb and crack down on this phenomenon, it is obvious that tourists should also have more self-awareness to avoid the loss of their own rights and interests.