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How much is the ticket for Beijing water cube? How can I get to the water cube from the station?

When it comes to water cube, you should be familiar with it! The water cube is named for its square building and its walls are like sea water blistering. We all know that the water cube is also the landmark of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Many tourists will punch in here when they travel to Beijing. Moreover, there are competition halls, gymnasiums, water parks, etc. they can also go for a swim. How can we get to the water cube? Water How much is the ticket for the cube?

Now the water cube is mainly about swimming, sports and competitions. If you want to go in for sports or swimming, it's OK. If you just want to punch in, you can just look outside.

Water cube tickets

Adult ticket: 30 RMB (January 1 - December 31, Monday - Sunday)

Half ticket: students, over 60 years old, 1.2-1.4m children, soldiers, low income families, etc. with valid certificates

Free ticket: children under 1.2m, water cube donors, retired cadres, disabled soldiers, disabled people, elderly people over 70 years old, etc. with valid certificates

Tips: swimming 50 yuan per 2 hours

How can I get to the water cube by bus

1. Take No. 386, 407, 611, 656, 658, 660, 689, 740, 753, 939, 944, 983, Yuntong No. 113 and get off at beichenqiao west station;

2. Take bus No.81, 82, 510, 607 and get off at Beichen Xiqiao North Station; take Metro Line 8 and exit B1 of Olympic Sports Center Station.