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Where is a parent-child tour on National Day? Recommendation of three walking children's knowledge H

National Day golden week is coming soon, parents who usually have no time to accompany their children can consider taking their children to a parent-child tour. So, where is the best place to play on National Day? Today, I'd like to share with you some good places that are suitable for taking children out to play. They can not only watch the scenery, but also let children learn knowledge.


As the capital of our country, Beijing is well worth visiting. Beijing is the National Center of politics, economy, culture, scientific research, education and international exchanges. Now the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China has become more prosperous. In addition, what's more important is that Beijing has certain historical deposits. Children can go to the Forbidden City, Yuanmingyuan and other scenic spots to learn about history. During the national day, they can watch some activities to cultivate children's patriotism.


Xi'an is the ancient capital of China with a long history. It's better to take advantage of the seven day holiday to Xi'an to experience our culture, cultivate their interest in history, and let them experience some things in history books.

Mount Huangshan

There are five unique scenic spots in Huangshan: sunrise, strange pines, strange rocks, sea of clouds and hot springs. In addition, there are many scenic spots worth visiting. For example, Fenghuangyuan at the foot of the mountain. It is said that the wife of Xuanyuan yellow emperor once raised Fenghuang here, so this is the hometown of Fenghuang. In addition, there is the Emerald Valley. The beauty of the Emerald Valley gets its name from crouching tiger, hidden dragon. The clear Huishan spring absorbs the brilliance of the sun and the moon, and the Emerald Valley is stacked in layers. It is really appropriate to name it after emerald. It can make children have zero distance contact with nature and improve their knowledge.