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Chengdu tourism must buy take away products summary

Chengdu is also a place suitable for tourism. At the same time, Chengdu can also be said to be a paradise for food. Therefore, when you travel to Chengdu, you must eat some local specialties. Do you know what specialties are suitable for you to take away? Although there are many snacks in Chengdu, there are few that can be packed and not spicy, and are suitable for most people. Here are some special snacks that can be taken away from Chengdu.

Warm duck

Century old shop, founded in 1905 (Guangxu 31 years). His duck is fresh, delicious, crisp and mellow, and won the 1990 Chengdu famous snack quality award. Leopard brother can often drink half a duck to get drunk.

Purchase strategy: head office: No.1 Mingyuan, Zhaojue temple, qinglongchang. Branches can query the network map.

Wang Ma's hand shredded roast rabbit

It's better to make non game than game. A lot of food from other places are attracted to it. Besides the signature spicy flavor, there are three kinds of non spicy, including five spice, cumin and original flavor, which are suitable for students who don't eat spicy food. Shunfeng is stationed nearby directly. There are many branches in the urban area, some of which are directly operated and some of which are franchised. I suggest that I buy them in the direct operated stores. Because I once wanted to sell them to a friend from other places by mail in the franchised store, but the store could not vacuum them with tinfoil. Without tinfoil, heating would be very troublesome.

Purchase strategy: head office: no.26-27, Yulin street, Wuhou District. The branch inquires the network map.

Deng's rabbit head

There are too many Bunnies in Chengdu. They taste different. There is also a flavor type that is first marinated and then mixed. I like this flavor very much. Besides the marinated flavor, there is red oil mixed with peanuts and sesame. It's really fragrant! In Dujiangyan, you rabbit head is too far away, and there are few peanuts. There is a Deng rabbit head in Northwest bridge, and there is a Meiji rabbit head nearby. They are all 10-20 years old shops, and they all taste good (I prefer Deng rabbit head). My mother rabbit head is a frog in the bottom of the well. I know many friends don't like it, but it's terrible in Chengdu. I remember the report that China eats 500 million rabbit heads a year, while Sichuan eats 200 million.

Purchase strategy: the west side of No.102, the second section of the first ring road north, near the northwest bridge.

Liao spareribs

The representative of Sichuan style stewed vegetables is century old brine, which has all kinds of color, flavor and flavor. The disadvantage is that it can't be vacuumed.

Purchase strategy: spare ribs, pig feet will buy. All branches in the city can check the network map.

Hot pot seasoning

There are too many brands. Most of them smell good and taste insipid. So here's a special brand: 'Cha wa'. The name is a bit strange. These two words mean "Lao" in Sichuan dialect. It's amazing to eat this brand for the first time. The taste is pure. It seems that there are few additives in shujiuxiang, Dezhuang and other brands. The shelf life is only six months.

At present, only Taobao is available.

Pixian watercress

There is no need to introduce this. The soul of Sichuan cuisine is to make the right Sichuan flavor. It only loves the "cuckoo city" brand, which is the most commonly used brand in Sichuan. Douban is also divided into wet Douban (red with oil, used for cooking more) and dry Douban (dark color, no oil, used for cooking more). If you just want to taste occasionally, it's better to buy wet Douban, and the flavor of fried food is easier to control.

Small dishes are also delicious: turnip, dried radish, tofu skin, dried tofu, tofu milk

Special appetizers are sold in all major markets and supermarkets.