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How to play the seventh day tour of Yunnan national day? Take the three routes of Yunnan seven day t

Yunnan is the most popular tourism province in China. Every year, many people travel to Yunnan, and the National Day is coming soon. Have you planned where to travel? Yunnan is a place that all writers and artists yearn for, because there is a strong atmosphere of literature and art. No matter the people who set up stalls on the street corner or the bars with melodious music, they are all telling some unique customs. So, what's the fun of traveling in Yunnan on the 11th National Day?

Yunnan national day seven day tourism strategy route;

Route recommendation 1:

Day 1: departure - Lijiang - check in

Day 2: Lijiang Dali (Erhai cruise + Nanzhao style Island + Sandao tea show) or around Erhai Lake

Day 3: Dali Lijiang (Dali ancient city + three pagodas of Chongsheng Temple + Cangshan (Gantong ropeway))

Day 4: Lijiang Lugu Lake (Lige + lover's Beach + Caohai + bonfire party)

Day 5: Lugu Lake - Lijiang (Mosuo village - zhucaochuandeng dear inn)

Day 6: one day tour of Lijiang (Yulong Snow Mountain + Glacier Park cableway + Blue Moon Valley)

Day 7: travel freely in Lijiang and fly home according to the time

Route recommendation 2:

Day 1: all over the country gather in Kunming

Day 2: Kunming Dali Shuanglang style Island Huayu ranch Dali ancient city

Day 3: Dali Xizhou ancient town Hutiaoxia dukezong ancient town Shangri La

Day 4: Shangri La Pudacuo Lijiang ancient city

Day 5: Lijiang ancient city Lugu Lake Scenic Area Lige Peninsula

Day 6: Lugu Lake cruise ship - liwubi Island - Dali ancient city

Day 7: Dali Dounan flower market Kunming

Route recommendation 3:

Day 1: departure Kunming Dali Hotel

Day 2: Dali around Erhai Lake (haishe Park + Huayu ranch + Zhoucheng tie dye + Xizhou ancient town + Shuanglang + gouse)

Day 3: Dali Lijiang (Dali ancient city + Chongsheng Temple three towers + Shaxi ancient town)

Day 4: one day tour of Lijiang (Yulong Snow Mountain + glacier cableway + Blue Moon Valley + eternal love show)

Day 5: travel freely in Lijiang and fly home according to the time