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How to do if you forget your ID card by train?

Now travel has become a life attitude and way of life, gradually changing people's lives. Travel, you need to take transport, now a variety of means of transport, trains, cars, high-speed rail and aircraft, each has its own advantages and characteristics, combined with their own economic strength, choose the most appropriate mode of transport. But what if I forget my ID card by train?

Relatively speaking, the cost-effectiveness of taking the train is relatively high. Some tourists often forget to bring their ID card when they travel. In this case, we should solve the problem of not bringing their ID card so quickly, and tell you how to easily handle it in one minute. ID card as a necessary requirement of taking the train, with ID card to get tickets into the waiting hall, to ensure the smooth journey. When tourists travel, they are in a hurry and often forget their ID card. This kind of situation can be solved by one way without going back home.

When traveling by train, you find that you don't have your ID card with you. You can go to the ticket hall to observe. Is there a 'temporary ID card self-service replacement machine'? If you find such a machine, you can quickly apply for a temporary ID card in one minute. You can pick up the ticket with the ID card. You don't have to go back home to find the ID card to delay the journey.

The use process of the machine is also very simple, simple input ID card, quick access to their personal information, get a temporary ID card through fast printing. Some places may not have such machines. It is also an effective way to apply for a temporary ID card at the window. Although this method is not fast, it is still much better than tourists returning home to get their ID card.

The successful application of the temporary ID card means that there is no way to get the ticket from the automatic ticket machine. The automatic ticket machine needs to identify the electronic chip on the ID card, so when you get the temporary ID card, you can only go to the manual window to get the ticket. Although you need to queue up, it won't take long. If you learn this fast method, you will no longer worry about the lack of ID card, which will affect the travel process.

The development of science and technology is getting better and better, which will only bring convenience to people's lives. Maybe one day, when you travel, you don't need an ID card, and any problem with a mobile phone can be solved. Have you ever used a temporary ID card to travel? Is it effective? Travel must remember to take good ID card, temporary ID card is only a temporary solution.