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Which is a good place to visit Germany? Recommended cities for tourism in Germany

In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people begin to enjoy life. Traveling abroad has become a fashion. Germany has always been favored by Chinese people. Sometimes when you walk on the streets of some German cities, you will see a lot of Chinese people. So, which cities in Germany are more suitable for Chinese tourism?

Munich, Germany

1. Allianz stadium -- a pilgrimage place for Chinese fans

German Bundesliga is the first European League to be broadcast live in mainland China, so Chinese mainland fans have been trained, especially Munich, Bayern. This represents almost the highest level of German football. Although almost every city in Germany has its own team, the best team in Germany is not necessarily the strongest team in the world. Bayern Munich's position in the world is still unshakable.

In essence, the Chinese still like football, and there are even many football fanatics. Munich has become a place of pilgrimage for many fans. Therefore, the Allianz stadium in Munich has become one of the reasons to attract many Chinese people.

2. Asia and the Pacific are everywhere, providing convenience for life:

Munich has nine Asian supermarkets of different styles. Most of them speak Chinese, and some supermarket owners speak Cantonese. The variety and low price of supermarket products is a great blessing for Chinese people who like to cook their own food.

3. Munich Expo:

As a market with a long history in Munich, vitulamark has become an important part of Munich's street lifestyle, full of strong flavor of life.

There are many special commodities in the food market, from small shops specializing in all kinds of pickled food to all kinds of dazzling cheese. The taste of life pervades the whole market in the aroma of food, attracting countless people who like life and delicious food

Berlin, Germany

1 crazy shopping street:

Berlin is a shopping paradise, the most famous of which is Xuandi's back street, which is called 'crotch' by Chinese people.

With a total length of 3.5 km and more than 1100 shops, the products are complete and the price is slightly higher than that of similar shops scattered in various regions, but it still can't stop the enthusiasm of Chinese people for shopping. Some of the streets around elector Street are famous for boutiques (but not all of them are exclusive shops), extending from the Memorial Church to Hanlan lagoon, the starting point of Berlin's western villas. At the beginning of this period, department stores and fashion boutiques were the main ones, gradually becoming elegant from Adenauer square. All the buildings built at the turn of the century are selling famous design brands, from gill & middot; sound to Saint Laurent. Walking here is like walking on the Champs Elysees in France.

Lots of Chinese restaurants:

There are many Chinese restaurants in Berlin. The most famous one is friends, which is full almost every day. Mainly Cantonese cuisine, it is said that it is the only famous roast in Berlin. The price starts at 10 euros.

Besides friends, there is also the God of wealth on the same street. The Cantonese snacks here are delicious and the price is about 3 Euro. Taiwan beef noodles on the same street are affordable (big bowl only costs 5 Euro), and they taste good. There are also Wenzhou style dorite and 10 euro cross bridge rice noodles. Fried rice cake and large intestine are delicious. They don't weigh much, but they taste good.

Of course, it also includes the famous Lanzhou Ramen in China. Next to the Chinese embassy is a Sichuan dish called Tianfu, where boiled fish and couple's lung slices are considered very authentic. And Sichuan hot pot, 15 euro per person. There are fish and shrimp. You can also add (in addition to shrimp) hotpot, which is worth tasting. The lacafe of INTERCONTINENT hotel also has very authentic Chinese food, but the price is a little expensive, about 15 euros, but the taste is really good.

Then from these cities, we can find some common features of German cities that foreigners like

There are many commercial streets and shopping is very convenient. The city is all inclusive and friendly to everyone. Relatively rich entertainment facilities; good business environment.