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What's the most cost-effective way to travel to Taiwan? List of must buy items in Taiwan

Now many people like to travel to Taiwan. When you go to Taiwan, don't patronize food, drink and play, but buy more. There are many kinds of goods in Taiwan, and the prices are cheap. Do you know what is the most cost-effective way to visit Taiwan?

1. Taiwan mask

Mask has always been the first visitor to Taiwan shopping list. Many tourists buy more than a dozen boxes. Watsons, ordinary cosmetics stores or airports can be purchased, such as local brands, my beauty diary, Morita's medicine, are all well known, and are the oldest and largest selling mask in Taiwan, and many of them are not available in the mainland.

2. Japanese cosmetics

There are many Japanese drugstores in Taiwan, which not only provide popular cosmetics imported from Japan, but also sell medicines, daily necessities and snacks. This is a drugstore from Japan. There are ten drugstores in Taipei. Because it's from Japan, it makes people feel like they are in a drugstore in Tokyo. In the store, you can buy Kao steam eye mask, 5 pieces of NT $200; rose dew capsule, 40 pieces of NT $800.

3. Pineapple crisp

Pineapple crisp made of Taiwan native pineapple melts immediately in the mouth. It is sweet but not greasy. It is suitable for oolong tea. It's also a representative of Taiwan's specialties. It's recommended that the pineapple crisp of 'slightly hot Hills' sell very well. It's about NT $500 for a box of eight. You can buy it on Minsheng east road or Nantou in Taipei.

4. Nougat

Pure milk with crispy almonds, pure hand-made, in order to have a soft taste with Q. It is recommended that niugatang, a sugar village in Taichung. There are branches of Taiwan Specialty in many places, including Taipei 101. In addition to the original flavor, there are toffee flavor and strawberry flavor. 500g nougat is NT $350.

5. Books

Chengpin bookstore is one of the must visit places in Taiwan. It gives people the impression of one word: beautiful. The layout of the bookstore is unique. We can find many books with excellent paper, elegant binding and attractive content. There are also many foreign books that can't be bought in the mainland.

6. Palace Museum souvenirs

One of the Palace Museum's many souvenirs is popular on microblog and Internet. That's "I know" paper tape. This one is designed with the ink treasure of Emperor Kangxi of Qing Dynasty. It can decorate gift cards. It's very interesting. A roll is less than NT $100. If you don't buy it in the Palace Museum, you can find it in the Taoyuan Airport Palace Museum Boutique in Taipei.

7. Tea

Gaoshan tea, frozen top oolong tea are worth buying back with hand gift. Gaoshan tea is known as the "holy product of tea", and frozen top oolong is very precious because of its limited production because of its complex tea picking process. Tianrenming tea is a large-scale brand with many kinds.

8. Conditioning tea

For example, ginger tea, Siwu drink, black sugar ginger tea, etc. can take care of the body, replenish qi and blood, and are very suitable for the elderly at home or for their own use. Taiwan's black gold legend tea is generally acknowledged to have a better effect. About NT $300 a pack.

9. Golden Gate wine

The latitude, water quality, air and climate of Jinmen are very suitable for liquor making, while Jinmen sorghum wine is brewed from local high-quality sorghum and wheat, which is suitable for buying for elders.

10. Milk powder

Unlike Hong Kong, which limits the purchase of two cans of milk powder per person, Taiwan has no restrictions on the number of milk powder taken abroad, so as long as it can be loaded, you can buy it as much as you like. The most popular ones are Nestle Neng, Abbott xinmeili, etc. Moreover, most of the milk powder in Taiwan is cheaper than that in Hong Kong.