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Can you see the sunrise on rainy days in Huangshan? Do you climb Huangshan on rainy days?

We all know that Huangshan is one of the five famous mountains in China, and it can be said that Huangshan is one of the mountains that many people like to climb, and Huangshan has its own characteristics all year round. The most beautiful scenery in Huangshan is the sunrise and the sea of clouds. But sometimes we have time limit when we travel. Sometimes when we just arrive at a place, we are not happy because of the rain. So, does it rain and sunrise in Huangshan? If it rains, can you still climb mountains?

The rainy season in Huangshan is generally from mid June to early July, which is the plum rain season. If you choose to travel at this time, you should take your rain gear and get ready to be wet everywhere. This season is most suitable for you to find an inn near Xidi or Hongcun to experience the misty rain in Jiangnan.

What to do when it rains on Huangshan Mountain? Does it affect mountaineering?

Huangshan is full of stone steps. If the rain is not very heavy, it will not be affected, but the fog is very heavy, and basically nothing can be seen around. It is recommended to prepare raincoat, umbrella is more troublesome. And it will be cold to watch sunrise and sunset in the morning and evening, so you need to bring a thick dress. If it takes a lot of energy to walk, it is recommended to prepare some chocolate, red bull and other supplements. And if you walk, the knee will be very uncomfortable, you can take some ointment for traumatic injury, and massage the knee at night.

On a rainy day, Huangshan is wet everywhere. You may not be able to see the scenery, but if you are lucky, you can see the sea of clouds. Another secret is that you can't have both the sea of clouds and the sunrise in a day in Huangshan. If there is a sea of clouds, you can't see the sunrise and sunset. If you can see the sunrise and sunset, you can't see the sea of clouds.

As long as it's not very rainy, you can still climb Huangshan, and the probability of cloud sea is relatively large, so it's very important to enjoy the process.