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Visa free travel abroad! We must avoid these eight countries

Nowadays, many people like to travel abroad. They have to get a visa to travel abroad. If you really think so, it's too young. In fact, many visa free countries are cheating. Today, let's talk about those unreliable visa free countries and give them a mirror!


When it comes to Bolivia, you must think of wanghong punch in place - the mirror of the sky, which is known as the ultimate destination of donkey friends.

However, the visa free policy in Bolivia is very unreliable, because Bolivia is mainly aimed at Chinese citizens who do not live in the country, but Chinese people who live in a third country can enjoy the unilateral landing visa policy of the local customs in Bolivia.

Therefore, visa free in Bolivia is mainly for students studying abroad.

San Marino

This is a very quiet and beautiful small European country, surrounded by Italy, with a total area of only 60 square kilometers.

Since there is no airport, Chinese tourists have to enter Italian territory before they can enter San Marino. To go to Italy, you have to have a Schengen visa.


Andorra is a paradise for skiing and duty-free shopping.

Andorra does not levy income tax, so most commodity prices are 10% to 30% lower than those in other European countries.

But also because the country is too small to have an airport, you need to go to France or Spain before you can enter Andorra. Like San Marino, you need to apply for a Schengen visa.


If you are an island controller, you must have heard of Pink Beach.

The Three Mile Beach Here is all pink. It's the most romantic and sexy beach in the world.

There is no direct flight from China to the Bahamas. You have to transfer through Canada, the United States or Europe, and you have to apply for a visa to transfer in these places.

If the United States and Canada have multiple round-trip visa for many years, they can really say that they will leave.


The water here is much more colorful than that of Maldives. The exquisite water houses are arranged in turn on the pure lake water, extending to the end of the sea in the distance.

But its visa is also very unreliable, because only the Chinese tourists who go to Tahiti through the certified travel agency can enjoy the visa free right for up to 14 days.

Although the policy mentions visa free, it emphasizes that booking can only be made through a third party travel agency, which is not suitable for tourists to travel freely.


Russia is an excellent summer resort, the most suitable place for summer is Lake Baikal. The endless lake water and the vast scenery of heaven and earth are enough to comfort your little soul in the city.

In addition, Li Jian's poem Lake Baikal makes us yearn for Russia even more.

However, Russia's visa free policy is also extremely unreliable.

China and Russia have signed a visa free agreement on group tourism. Chinese citizens can travel to Russia through visa free group tourism. So for tourists who like to travel freely, they still need to apply for personal travel visa.

the republic of korea

Although South Korea is visa free, in fact, only Jeju Island is visa free.

When South Korea enters Jeju Island, it only needs to provide the ticket to the destination, Chinese passport or boarding pass. In addition to Jeju Island, other parts of South Korea are not exempt from visa.


There is a saying in Arabian nights that "if you have never seen Cairo, you have never seen the whole world". However, Egyptian visa is unreliable.

According to relevant regulations, a visa free visit to Egypt can only be made within 14 days in Sinai Peninsula. You can't leave half a step and return the same way after the expiration.