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How many European towns have you been to?

Nowadays, many people like to go out for tourism. Traveling abroad is the most popular leisure way. If you want to visit a small town in Europe, you must not miss these places.

Brad town | Slovenia

Lake Brad, formed by melting glaciers, is clear and translucent. Castle Brad is located in the picturesque central lake. The ice blue waters around the island, bordering on a small town of about 5000 people, is a pure land of Slovenia. Winter town is transformed into a fairy tale world, come here, slow down the pace of life, touch the grain of time.

Renne village, Norway

Renne is the most beautiful fishing village in Norway, with a postcard or idyllic place. It is located in the lovetown archipelago, backed by the carved and eroded peaks of ancient glaciers. Every scene is worth pondering. Islands carved by ancient glaciers are like beautiful snow peaks in the sea, big flowers and large grass at the foot of the mountain, scattered into colorful wooden houses. In front of the wooden house is the quiet channel. The boundless sea is colorful, just like a fairyland on earth.

Xidibusi white blue town | Tunisia

It combines the rugged style of North Africa with the elegance of Europe, and is full of romance. The white houses are built close to the mountains and are well arranged, forming a harmonious picture with the Mediterranean blue water. Narrow alley twists and turns for a long time, all the way accompanied by the sun is also bright and dark. In a trance, I don't know where I am. So in the lazy time to stop and go, until dusk.

Brano Italy

Colorful houses one by one make up the alley like a rainbow, with the clear river stretching, and the boat with the same bright color quietly stops by the river.

I want to live in a colorful house, which is filled with my colorful dreams, the windowsill with plants I love, along with the breeze to the distance.

Queenstown New Zealand

Queenstown is a beautiful town surrounded by the Southern Alps. The scenery is changeable, just like a fairyland. It's also a good choice for snow sports, bungee jumping, jet boat, skydiving and so on.