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What are the Australian online Red restaurants? Recommendation of Australia wanghong Restaurant

Now, almost all kinds of fashionable things can be associated with online red, such as online red scenic spots, online Red recommended goods, and online red food, etc. As a matter of fact, foreign countries are also popular. What are the characteristics of traveling to Australia? What are the Australian online Red restaurants?

1、The Grounds Of Alexandria

The grounds of Alexandria is led by the entrepreneur Ramsey choker and the famous Australian barista Jack Hanna (who was once the world coffee champion), making the old factory into a unique urban oasis. Plants and potted plants are all over the corner of the garden. Every weekend, the grounds of Alexandria holds a farmer's market in the garden. In addition to the fruits and vegetables, baked desserts and bread, there are also jewelry stalls and BBQ. Chocolates, nuts and spices also make the market fragrant. In the garden, there are mini farms with lambs, pigs and horses, which are loved by big friends and children.

2、The Lobster Shack

Wanghong lobster shop, one of the most delicious food in Australia, is located in the lobster factory in Cervantes. You can not only eat the most authentic Australian lobster, but also visit the flow shop of the lobster factory. You will meet many Chinese tour groups here. The lobsters here are all baked, with French fries and salad. It's really delicious.

3. Skypoint Bistro + bar

Skypoint Bistro + bar offers a unique relaxing seaside dining experience on the gold coast. Located at the skypoint observation deck, skypoint Bistro + bar offers a 360 degree view menu. Guests can start the day with a delicious hot buffet breakfast or a la carte option, or enjoy lunch time on the all day menu, including skypoint's signature shared platter.

4. White mojo -- Gothic Latte

Like the black sesame paste we drank! This is Melbourne white mojo's Gothic latte. It's made of black sesame, peanuts, almonds and soybean milk. Isn't it cool. The strong coffee meets the dark Gothic, and the high cold and strange appearance attracts many people. A lot of admirers need to line up for hours just to taste this different cup of coffee.

5. Black Star pastry -- watermelon strawberry cake

Black Star pastry is a popular dessert shop on the streets of Sydney. The most famous is watermelon and strawberry cake, which is known as the most net red cake in Sydney. We should pay attention to the limited supply every day. We should queue up early. How about a layer of watermelon, a layer of cake, plus some pieces of raisins and pistachios, plus our favorite strawberries? Is this a very fresh way to eat? It's also very fresh.

6. I-cream -- Rose Ice Cream

In Sydney, there is a net safflower shaped ice cream, which is favored by many people. It is not ordinary ice cream, but carved the ice cream into the shape of a rose. Even the petals can be made into different shapes. It is i-cream.